Chapter 7: Damien

“What the fuck I say about calling her out name?” I barked as my eyes went black.

“Bruh don’t get fucked up. I don’t want to have to shoot your dumb ass again. You were the one calling her bitch and a ho this morning.” he said calmly. He knew not to make any sudden moves until my mind shifted back to normal.

“Fuck!” I said rubbing my hands over my face. That’s why she was so mad this morning. She must have heard me talking to Man.

“The fuck is wrong with you now?” He said as I heard him put the safety back on his gun.

“Nothing I can’t handle. Damn bruh you really were going to shoot my ass?”

“Hell yeah.  I ain’t a killer but don’t push me.” doing his best Tupac impersonation. “Yo I am out. I am going to get my baby and take her to Ma’s house. She has been asking about her all week.”

I have been to Cali dozens of time but this was the first time ever I wondered what it would be like to come here and just kick it. The thought of Toni tanning her light ass on the beach made a brother smile. Damn. I got to stop this. Cali is business point blank.

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