Chapter 7: Damien

I had been working for the Suarez crime family for the last year. I tried to stay out of the whos and whys when it came to my contracts but this was not an ordinary situation. I was on a monthly retainer on top of my payment per contract. From what I am being told there was another family trying to take over and I was here to stop them. Though I still went on other jobs, the Suarez cartel essentially paid me to be on call and they paid well.

Junior Suarez was the eldest son of Don Gustavo Suarez and the one that contacted me every time a contract was made. This was also not how I normally handled business. In general I didn’t work directly with clients, I received my assignments from Saint. 

Uncle Saint was the one that taught me everything I once knew. He used to kick it with my Aunt Bernie back in the day. When my dad died, he was always around for me and Man. I guess he saw something in me because once I graduated high school he took me under his wing. With 35 years in the game he was a legend. I even still used some of his old school tactics as foundation for my new school ones. I hated that Parkinson’s had taken his aim. It had been two years now but I will never forget the day that it happened.

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