Chapter 7: Damien

“Hola mi hermano negro” Junior said with his normal loud bravado. I hated when he was on that my brother shit.

“What do you have for me?” I asked blankly. I have no time or interest for small talk.

“Always business. I like it. That’s why we pay you so much.”

“You pay me because you have to in order to get the job done. Let’s not pretend we are doing each other favors. Is everything here?”

“Yes” he said dryly. I know he wanted to say something but we both knew he wouldn’t.

“I will contact you once it is done with the confirmation as noted.” That was another thing about this arrangement that was different. Junior wanted forms of confirmation after every contract was completed. Granted I always sent them from burner phones that I bought outside of the city but it was still out of the norm. 

“I know you will. Why don’t you come kick it with us tonight? These LA bitches give those Atlanta hoes a run for their money!” he invited like he did every time I was in the city.

“Nah. I am good” sticking the envelope in my pocket and heading out.

I might need spend some extra days in Atlanta this trip. I don’t like how he mentioned where I laid my head. Or at least where he thought I did. In reality Junior only knew what I wanted him to know. I always flew commercial in and out of the Atlanta airport. I had both a condo and a car registered under my alias there as well. I even had Sync setup a relay that made my phone seem like it uses Atlanta cell towers anytime he called. The only true thing he knew about me was that I was about my money and that I would kill for it.

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