Did We Love It: The Lemon Tree Restaurant (Houston, TX)

Hi Lovebugs! As I am gearing up for my early birthday + Taste of Chicago + family mashup next weekend, I had a thought. Though I did right about the delicious Groupon date I had at Tony Mandola’s, I haven’t given a shout out to the other amazing eateries I tried during Houston Pride.

Here is a quick and yummy look at the other places that had me looking for bigger pants.

First up, The Lemon Tree Restaurant


12591 Whittington Dr,

Houston, TX 77077

Cuisine: Peruvian Food

Menu Choice:

Ceviche Mixto Peruano (pictured) – Mixed assortment of shrimp, octopus and fish. Sweet potatoes. Corn. Topped with lime juice and cilantro.

Food: Okay first for full disclosure, I only had a small taste of the menu as it was lunchtime. But as far as my ceviche mixto was concerned, I was very pleased.  Prepared traditionally, in a world for fusion cuisine, it was light flavorful and refreshing.

I told them I wanted it spicy (a sister likes it spicy) so I knew I was in for a kick. The Lemon Tree didn’t disappoint. A little spice definitely went a long way. Just this side of painful, I tempered it with the cilantro sauce that came with the chips we had.

Oh, just a note, they do not serve alcohol. When we inquired about it, the waiter said we could go to the corner store to pick up a beer (or whatever). We chose to opt for the traditional soda since we were already seated, but would have definitely gone for a Cusqueña.

Service: Meh. Nothing glaringly wrong but nothing remarkably right. Great for a quick lunch but wouldn’t bring anyone with me.

Environment: It definitely looks and feels like a family run restaurant. With their yellow walls (yellow… lemon… I get it), and ornate if odd decorations, you can see the restaurant is their life. Oh and it is in a strip mall, which is why you can walk to the convenience store for your beer.

What to Wear: We went for lunch while running around for business but I can actually see people dressing up a smidge for dinner or after church. Don’t quote me.

Overall: 3 out of 5. Is it somewhere I would stop if I was in the mood for really delicious traditional Peruvian ceviche? Yes. Would I rather just take it to go? Also Yes.



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