Happy Birthday to Me #SRInTheBagChallenge

Hi Lovebugs!

Today I looked at the calendar and realized that in 20 days your girl will be celebrating her 28th birthday… for the 9th time. Wow how time flies.

For those who know me in the “real world”, since 2015, I have been happy and blessed to incorporate social gifting into my birthday fun.

One part party and one part cause, I invited friends to my annual birthday kickbacks, where I provided all the drinks and food. The only thing that I asked was for people to bring items for us to compile and distribute to the local homeless community. The response was amazing. I am blessed to have friends that jumped on the call to action. Year after year, the bags got bigger and they were still consistently filled[1].


This year I am taking the challenge outside (and inside) of Miami. I am asking you all to help me with the Sew Right In the Bag Birthday challenge.


Our plan is very simple: Over the next year, I am asking you all to dig into your closets and pull out your gently worn large[2] purses, which we will fill with personal care items for womxn in need.

kickbackkrisiti-5Imagine having a lovely purse in which to store your belongings, rather than a paper sack or a plastic bag. If only for a second, think of the pride of having something that s all yours. I want them to open their bags seeing all of the personal care items, along with a handmade journal from me, and know someone cared enough to make it.

If you are interested, I will ship a standard bag of items to anyone who wants to donate and distribute their bags. I am buying in bulk to keep the price down and don’t want it to be a financial strain on anyone.

All I need is your gently used bag (or the clearance large bag you found in Target) and your time.

If you want to include any additional pieces it is definitely up to you. For all my Ulta and Sephora junkies, you can even add a perfume sample or moisturizer from your stash[3].

Fellas, I thank you in advance for your support. Feel free to ask the womxn in your life to part with one of their gently used bags, if you don’t have one of your own.

The goal is to distribute 38 bags from my birthday July 28th until July 28, 2020.

If you are in, you can hit me up on social media +/- my email kristi at sewrightlife dot com.

Check out this video:

[1] Shout out to Ant of Anthony Jordon Photography for the pictures from my 2017 kickback. It was definitely a blast.

[2] And yes while I love a great clutch bag, I am asking you to pull your large purses (or tote bags) so that and upon receiving one, they can transfer their own belongings into the purse.

[3] You know you aren’t using it anyway.

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