Chapter 8: Joy

I was channeling Beyonce this whole pregnancy. Sporting my Ivy Park crop top with matching tights, I successfully got my feet into my black and white huaraches. I am not sure why more women didn’t wear crop tops while pregnant. They are easy access for the ultrasound tech and let your belly breathe. I grabbed my hoodie and went downstairs to where Kevin was very impatiently waiting.

“Joy! Baby we are going to be late. I hope you don’t pass on your late genes to my son.” he said sitting on the couch with his keys in hand.

“Kevy I couldn’t tie my shoes.” I pouted, plopping down next to him throwing my feet in his lap.

“I don’t know why you can’t wear slides like every other pregnant woman.” he huffed tying my laces with care.

“I am not every other woman. Now hurry let’s go you are going to make us late.” I got up pushing his leg, laughing.

As we rode to the hospital I couldn’t help but look at my man. I would have never thought that he would have been my happily ever after three years ago when I came to Miami on vacation with my soror and her best friend.

Back then, I didn’t know Sinclair very well but Toni and I were on line at the same time. I crossed at FSU, while she was at Florida. She actually came out a week before I did. I wish I could have been there to see it. I was so happy to see her at mine though. She was the first person I saw holding up a big sign and a  bouquet of 20 pink roses. Sinclair was there too cheering for me right along with Toni. I always wondered why she didn’t pledge but I loved the fact that she was so supportive either way.

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