Did We Love It: The Breakfast Klub (Houston, TX)

Hi Lovebugs!

I just got back from my birthday kickoff + Taste of Chicago + family mashup over the weekend. I can’t wait to share with you all of the amazing fun but I had to finish up my H-town shout outs first.

Last week I shared my experience at the Peruvian restaurant, The Lemon Tree Restaurant and now I am sharing a little wake and break… fast food.

Next Up, The Breakfast Klub


3711 Travis St,

Houston, TX 77002

Cuisine: Breakfast, Soul Food

Menu Choice:

Me: Katfish and Grits – Seasoned katfish fillet and grits served with potatoes or eggs and choice of toast or biskit.

Jai: Wings & Waffle – A golden Belgian waffle surrounded by 6 wing pieces and topped with powdered sugar & a strawberry

Food: Chiiiiiile. That’s all I got. You have to respect a restaurant who doesn’t try to overload their menu with mediocre offerings. The Breakfast Klub knows what is does, and does it well. Their twist of the staple southern meal of catfish and grits was absolutely delicious.  It was perfectly seasoned and as equally perfectly fried. I know someone’s Ma Dear is back there in the kitchen. I don’t care what anyone says. Jai raved about her wings and waffles as well. From the SMALL bite she offered, I can tell that the waffle was light and fluffy, and paired well with the tender wings. I wish I could tell you more about it, but I was afraid I would get a fork print in my hand.

For the morning sippers among us, they have pre-made bellinis, bloody mary’s, margaritas and mimosas.

2.jpgService: The best thing that ever happened to the Breakfast Klub is their greeter, Miss Mary. She was our introduction the restaurant and got us ready to love the food.

Her infectious smile and the true joy she exhibited was so refreshing. She is definitely a gem.

Environment: If you have heard anything about the Breakfast Klub, I am sure the LONG ASS LINES. Here is a pro tip, right across the parking lot from the HUGE lines of the larger Breakfast Klub building, is the Breakfast Klub Signature Kafe. The lines was considerably shorter and the menu is a streamlined version of their best menu choices.

What to Wear: Very come as you are.

Overall: 5 out of 5. Great experience. Definitely worth the hype. Nothing else to say.

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