I’m back! No Really This Time.

Hey Lovebugs!

img_3693I am so sorry for the lapse in blogging but let’s just say July/August was a roller coaster in the life of KK.

I got my CAPM certification, my birthday came and went, we started delivering bags for the SR In The Bag Challenge, and the love affair that was KK and Jai… changed.

I wasn’t actually going to tell you all, but honesty is part of the journey. No matter how ugly and hurtful. I promise not to overload you all with all of the details, many of which I am processing myself, BUT I can tell you, we are both better for it.

So what does all that mean…. MORE BLOG CONTENT COMING SOON.

I am working on the editorial schedule but trust me you will get more than your fair share of KK for now on. Thanks for those who stayed with me.


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