After Kickback Giveback #SRInTheBagChallenge

Hi Lovebugs,

Here is part two of our amazing #boozybrunch at Quinto La Huella. Because no matter how hard we kick back, the best part of my birthday celebrations is making sure to give back.

For those who didn’t read about the Sew Right In the Bag Challenge in the previous post, here are the details. In the tradition of my birthday celebrations over the years, I decided (with the help of friends) to provide womxn centric items in 38 gently used bags/totes between now and my birthday 2020.

With the help of the odd trio, we kicked off the challenge with 6 bags delivered in the downtown Miami area.

I am so happy that we were able to provide such an array. I even found a great stash of toiletry/makeup bags to package all the items. I was able to get items from everywhere.

We included toothbrush/paste combos, brushes, mirrors, lotion, dry shampoo, nail polish, feminine hygiene products, socks and more. Each bag had a handwritten note of encouragement with a quote from one of my favorite womxn writers.

I was excited to share more luxe items from perfume samples to mascara. These goodies came from the MANY MANY Ulta/Sephora samples I collected over the last few months. I am not saying that is in an excuse for all of my spending but it does make me feel a little better. That plus I loved the response from Jai every time I hit her with a new look.

It was a win-win all around.


So after we waited out the rain, and I took a quick cat nap (I’m old so judge away), we walked around the downtown area delivering bags as we could. The rain had many people seeking shelter so there wasn’t a crowd in the normal clusters. I am glad that we were able to donate as many bags as we could. Shout out to George for promising to finish for us on a sunnier day.


I will be making journals to go with the pens, because I know better than most the power of writing. If anyone is willing to donate bags in their neighborhood. I will ship all of the items at my cost. You can comment below or email me at kristi at sewrightlife dot com.

Have an amazing update: April of Glamour Impulse will be helping to collect even more items for next time.

It definitely takes a village so I am excited.


3 thoughts on “After Kickback Giveback #SRInTheBagChallenge”

      1. You’re right about that! A lot of don’t though, so it’s awesome that you did that!


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