A Love On Grand – Chapter 1: Sinclair

“Oh shit. Clair bear what are you doing here?” David yelled out when he saw me bawling on the floor.

“Who the fuck is this Diesel ?” the girl screamed looking directly at me while addressing him.

“Clair Bear, baby this isn’t what it looks like! I promise baby.” David rushed over to my shaking body, ignoring the woman who was now inches away from my face.

“DIESEL WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?” the girl shrills.

Now I wasn’t a fighter back then but I knew that if I didn’t get my ass up off that floor this bitch was about to pounce on me.

As he pushed her out of the way, he grabbed my face in his big hands and looked at me in a panic.

“Sinclair please just let me explain. Don’t throw our life away over one mistake.”

As he was searching for hope in my eyes, I glanced over to the woman pacing the room with hot tears and vengeance in hers. Without saying a word, I saw her forcefully turn him around up and slap him across the face with all the force she had in her body. After she was done, David towered over her whispering something to her that I couldn’t make out. I saw her shrink back with a look of fear like nothing I had never seen before.

While he continued to glare at her menacingly, I ran into the guest room at the end of the hall and locked the door, wishing I had never made the 7 hour drive. As much as I love Kisha there was no way that I could wake her up in the middle of the night because her brother couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. After I cried myself dry of all the tears in my heart I wanted to sleep. Even as my eyes lowered my peace was stolen by the sounds of David and Tisha, her name I learned during their fight, going back and forth. He barked about his love for me and how she knew what time it was when they were fucking. She yelled that he wasn’t shit and she was his wife in Gainesville when my fat ass was in Miami.

I finally heard the front door slam and moments later wheels peel off. The negro sat by the locked door crying and apologizing, denying that the baby she aborted was his. He told me that he was very upfront with how much he loved me and that she was just there to fill a void. He said he felt like less of a man because we planned to live in the house that my mother bought. He knew that I was already working toward my dream career when he honestly didn’t know what to do after graduation. He was afraid to show his weakness because of how weak my father had been. He didn’t want to disappoint me by saying he needed me. I cried again quietly at his declarations. I was so sad that I wasn’t the woman he needed me to be while I was gone. I wasn’t sure if I could trust him again, but I wanted to. He promised he wouldn’t hide things from me ever again and that we would go back to the way we were when we were first together. He promised to be the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I needed to believe him.

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