A Love On Grand – Chapter 1: Sinclair

Here I am two years later with a prescription for azithromycin that I have to take for two weeks because this asshole not only was fucking around but his simple ass didn’t even use condoms… obviously.

“Clair Bear, you can’t leave me. I love you so much. I was just so stressed out and you weren’t here for me. I will never do this again. I promise baby I love you.” This dude has the nerve to be boo hoo crying and slick blaming me for him cheating. I couldn’t even look at him as I threw more of his clothes in boxes. I wasn’t dealing with anymore of his shit. We were through.

I have given this man 5 years of my life and all he has given me is a burning pussy and a record at the CDC. He made me believe that he had changed but nothing had changed but the caliber of bitches he was fucking with. All his damn whining was starting to make my head hurt. I stopped packing his things mid box and grabbed my keys.

“Baby where are you going? We need to talk”, he looked up pleading with eyes that used to make me swoon. Now as I looked at them all I felt was disgust.

“Oh baby I’m not going anywhere but you sure as hell are. I just don’t know why I was playing pack-a-bastard for you. You need to get ALL and I mean ALL of your shit out of my house by the time I get home from work tomorrow. I would tell you to leave your key but I know I can’t trust your stupid ass to do that. So I will just have them changed.”

“I’m not going anywhere Sinclair Simone Carver. We are going to talk about this and work this shit out.” he said with enough bass in his voice that it sounded like he believed himself.

“Oh no bruh. We ain’t got shit to talk about. Nothing. Nada. You are going to get out my house. Because when I come back, Kevin is coming with me, and we both know that you don’t want those problems. Tick tock, motherfucker”. I grabbed my overnight bag and slammed the door on my way to my car. I didn’t miss the grimace on David’s face at the mention of my brother so I knew he would be long gone by the time I came home tomorrow.

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