So here’s the thing…

Hello Lovebugs!

Long time to post.

I would apologize for my absence but… I am damn near 40 (as in next week). Life happens… and life happened.

Short story shorter, I am at a stage in life where a lot of things I thought were non-negotiable… were negotiated. People I thought I would know the rest of my life… I won’t. And there a myriad of other life lessons I got the hard way.

But yes I am still around, still black and still gay. I am just in a new tax bracket, a new dress size, and with a whole new list of grown folks issues. So I said hell… why don’t I blog about it. It will keep me honest… even when I lie (mostly to myself).

And so The Kword becomes… Hello40s.

Oh and feel free to read all the irrerevent stuff I wrote back in my 20s… on here. I was a whole freaking wave.

And heck no I am not going to update/change all my old things to say Hello40s because…. a) I wasn’t 40 then, and b) my 40th self now doesn’t have the bandwidth or desire for that much needless work. *peaceful sigh*

4 thoughts on “So here’s the thing…”

  1. Welcome to the fabulous 40’s, it’s so much to live and learn on this side. Happy to have you back you were missed!!!


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