Scrum the Ground… and other things I’ve learned in my 40s so far.

So today is officially the end of my 40 year old probation. I have survived the first 90 days in my 40s… and chile. Whew!

Let’s get to the good, the bag, and the other stuff.

The Good

Every black woman/person (but specifically, woman) should be in a book club. At the beginning of the year, I connected with 8 dope folx and started our Books and Bites book club.

We are all across the country and all across the spectrum, with a common goal of a good read + a good group. Over the year, the number has gone up (and down), but the O.R. (original readers) are still on deck. We have read books from every genre from gothic to gossip. I have learned a lot from the books I loved and much from the ones… I loved less. I have learned even more about myself from the conversations we have during our monthly meetings. Nothing makes you reflect more than when someone repeats back your words to you. I cherish them, and I cherish the time we have. I will definitely keep y’all posted on what we are reading.

Currently it is The Secret Lives of Four Wives by @LolaShoneyin

The Bag

So as many of my long time readers know. I have been in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Most of those 10 years I worked in the fashion photography aspect. I have had some amazing experiences with some beautiful (inside and out) folx. But the beginning of this year, I decided to take me talents to… IT. I am currently a project manager for the same company. And while, there are certain people (shout out to Nola) who told me to make the jump a decade ago… everything happens in its own time.

And I began this new journey in my 40s I invested in myself and went for the CSM certification, with no plans on stopping. So all the women I have loved and lost, when folks say “You fumbled the bag” … I am the bag Beloved.

The Other Stuff

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster of love, loss and a taste of motherhood. I have learned so much about my self in that last bit of my 30s. I am going to take the lessons that serve me, and move past the mistakes that didn’t. It was a bumpy rides lovebugs. But isn’t it always with me lol?

I think I am going back to the days of the Kword where I wrote and lived like no one was watching/reading. Next stop Egypt with the Queen Mother… after that. We will see.

Love Y’all Mean it.

Oh and I know I forgot to post the rest of my book…. because… I’m horrible that way. But it’s coming.


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