[insert something completely amazing that you want me to be, make me sound fabulous]

No? Ok fine. I am 30 something… almost 40 something curator of cool. I have been everything from a popular nerd (my high school was actually called School for Advanced Studies) to a party girl who got paid (this is not my first rodeo). Right now I am just your favorite straight girl’s favorite lesbian. I travel as much as my job and my pocket will allow. I wrote a book that was pretty damn good, that I never published. I love eating, serving my community and building great things with great folks. I have been to jail, but never long enough to have a cellmate. I have 40 pairs of glasses (all prescription). *screwing up my face*. Ok that’s all you get. Anything more and I won’t have anything to blog about *shrugs*

Let’s build something together!

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