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Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Imagine Me and You

imaginemeyouOl Parker’s film, Imagine Me and You , is a romantic comedy which sticks to the formula. Is it Oscar worthy? Not really but watching Lena Headley (sexy British, Game of Thrones and 300 lady) huff about, glowing with the heat of sexual frustration…well, that is enough to make this movie a winner!

Piper Perabo, who plays the bride Rachel, is her usual likeable and non-threatening self. Lena Headley (le sigh), plays Luce, the florist hired for the wedding. They make eye contact across the aisles of the ceremony and both are visibly shaken. I won’t give it away but let’s just say it’s love at first sight.

Looking for something cute and non-offensive for date night? Imagine Me and You is a good choice.

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: @GBFmovie

GBF2Ever since Paris and Nicole, having a fabulous BF has been crucial to climbing the 21st century social ladder.  Well picture a world where beautiful girls, like the aforementioned pair, need one last trendy accessory to really be on the cutting edge. What every girl needs is… a GBF, a Gay Best Friend. A GBF must be awesomely and amazingly gay, meaning: glittery, sparkly and effervescent…like Perez Hilton but nicer. Today’s high schools are a popularity feeding frenzy of teen queens…in more ways than you can imagine.

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Super Gay Movie of the Week: Boy Culture Directed by Q. Allan Brocka

l_433350_6f8108e5Have you ever seen a movie that reminded you of a bunch queens you knew back in college ? Oh, yea…hunti. Boy Culture is that movie.

2006 was a good year for gay moview and Boy Culture is one of my favorites! Remember Darryl Stephens who played Noah in Noah’s Arc? Yep. He’s in it, too…which is one of the reasons I just had to see this movie. He must be one heckuva versatile actor because he plays a top in Boy Culture.

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Super Gay Pride Month of Movies : Musicals, Madness and Marches. Oh, my!

fruitLet me just say that this past June was The Best Pride Month, ever!
The premier, premium LGBT network, here!, was free for the entire month. I’d never watched here! before so, I was super psyched to see that they had Half Share, Alec Mapa’s newish sitcom. Let me just say that it’s over the top, crass and everything else this girl loves in a good show, perfect for a super gay afternoon with the ladies.  I tried a few other things on here! but it wasn’t my taste. The drag variety show “She Lives For This” is cool if one doesn’t expect too much, however; Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads gave me and the missus both raging headaches. So much for here!, I’m over it.

I did enjoy a cute little indie flick called Fruit Fly. It was basically about a Filipino performance artist who moves to San Francisco to put on a show but meets some cool people and has an adventure. Oh! It’s also a musical. The story was sorta simple but the movie was kinda convoluted which made it hard to understand at times. It’s so darned cute though! I liked it but strongly suggest having a few glasses of wine with the show.

My better half and I managed to squeeze one more Super Gay Movie before months end, Mr. Right, imported from England right to our television.  Mr. Right is an assemble piece like He’s Just Not That Into You or Love Actually but with lots and lots of boys who like boys. The story is introduced by the token girl of the posse, Louise. She has just been dumped by a man she met through a dating service…for a man. Her friends are all beautiful, gay men who’re dealing with drama in their lives and her sexually ambiguous boyfriend is loving every minute of it. Skip the wine when watching this one. This movie requires lots and lots of caffeine. It is british, after all but worth watching and loads of fun.

Super Gay TV Review of the Week: The Fosters

ABC-Family-The-FostersAlthough my Monday nights have been dutifully dedicated to Defiance since RuPaul closed up for the summer (lol…), I have found a show so super gay and awesome that I decided to share it with the whole gay world. I love The Fosters! It’s really the best thing since sliced foie gras.

Lena and Stef are a lesbian couple who are raising Stef’s biological son with their mutually adopted younger twins.  The Uhaulin’ scenario reaches completion when they rescue two needy children from foster care raising the kid count to five. It’s a multi-ethnic love fest!

I love that the show addresses the issues of Stef and Lena’s reality as an interracial, lesbian couple but doesn’t make those issues the driving force behind the plot. This is the story of two middle class parents with a house full  of kids, mostly teenagers, and the issues surrounding modern child rearing. As a mother, I love that they live in a town small enough for the parents to catch the kids doing dirt. I also love that, with one mom as a cop and the other as the school vice principal, they are in position to do a good bit of the catching! Finally, I love the fact that the writers are not promoting a strict butch-femme dichotomy.   It all seems so…Awesomely normal.

Take a gander and let me know what you think.  I’m already a fan after four episodes.  I wonder how many it will take for you?

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Drool

droolThe first time I saw Drool I fell in love. I fell in love with Tabby, the angry, promiscuous teenager who loves to doodle. I loved Anora and her daydreams of a fantasy life in the arms of her fantasy man. But most of all, I loved Imogene, the yummy cosmetics lady who just oozes Southern charm and grace.

I watched it again, as I’ve been known to do, but this time I wanted to be critical…you know, be professional. Alas! I could not find one flaw in this film. It is a must see.

Director Nancy Kissam masterfully creates two very different worlds: The drab and oppressive life of the Fleece family before the arrival of Imogene, and the almost surreal life Anora, Tabby and Little Pete embark upon after Imogene swoops in. Through her Kathy Kay colored lipsticks, eye shadows and night creams Imogene, played by Jill Marie Jones, brings life into Anora’s heart and home.


If you can, try to imagine: Crazy in Alabama, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Dancer in the Dark all rolled up into a Lavender Milk night cream and you’ll get Drool.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Were the World Mine

7143_largeIt has been an amazingly busy month for this Super Gay Urban Warrior Mom. Whew! Time to get back to the fishy dishing about movies. Yes, Ma’am!

Ok. My lovable girlfriend and I were searching the awesome Gay and Lesbian on Demand collection (Thank You, Xfinity!) when we found this twinkfest. Were The World Mine is a delicious half naked romp through Shakespeare’s, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Folks, it doesn’t get much gayer than this.

Director Tom Gustafson is serious about his Shakespeare. Timothy played by Tanner Cohen is moody, oppressed and beautiful. He’s out and has been disowned by father. His mother is supportive but still kinda blames him for being the gay kid who caused his father to leave. It’s all so maudlin. Tanner is beautiful though and runs half naked in wings for most of the movie so it’s definitely worth the sad parts. The songs are fun and the boys are hot. Isn’t what really matters?

The story is kinda standard “Young, Misunderstood Boy in a Small Town” with a cool twist. It’s kinda cerebral but cute enough for us non English majors. I loved it! I won’t even try to explain the Shakespeare stuff because to be honest, why?