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My Experience on South Street…. I obviously wasn’t on the Sunday Side of the Street

Here is the context of the my experience: At least twice a month a small group of my girlfriends and I, like to try out a new restaurant, a new gallery opening…a new SOMETHING we haven’t attended before.This weekend we decided to do a mix of the Johnnie Walker event on the beach and Second Saturdays in Wynwood.

While getting dressed to go to House of Walker, I had the novel (though in retrospect, failed) idea of trying out South Street restaurant. As it was a Saturday night, and we were reservation-less I knew we were in for a long wait (rightfully so), but what I wasn’t prepared for was the dismissive hostess, the empty tables while we stood on the steps and the edible but uninteresting food. I can make shrimp and grits at home for the half the price, twice the portion, and quarter of the aggravation.

Let Me Get A Taste… Love Miami Spice

Well howdy to the 5 people who clicked on here thinking this was going to be one of my erotica posts… it’s not.

But you can go check out one of my oldies here. There is sex and slurping involved I promise….

I guess the picture WAS a bit misleading. I actually don’t even know what the picture I have attached is about. I googled “Miami Spice” and found a half naked brown woman… I was good with that. She could be curing cancer for all I know. If you are interested in learning more about this picture go over there.


For those who don’t live in Miami, Miami Spice is an annual event where some of the area’s best restaurants create fixed-price menus for dinner and lunch. It is definitely a fattie… I mean foodie’s favorite time of year. This year I had a very aggressive plan to hit up 10 new spots but that didn’t happen *insert a sad face here* but I did try a respectable 8.

So this post is for the ladies who only talk to me in and around Sweetheat/Sizzleher/HerWinterparty wanting suggestions on where to eat *side  eye* take a look here so we can skip the small talk. (Yes, you).

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