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Scrum the Ground… and other things I’ve learned in my 40s so far.

So today is officially the end of my 40 year old probation. I have survived the first 90 days in my 40s… and chile. Whew!

Let’s get to the good, the bag, and the other stuff.

The Good

Every black woman/person (but specifically, woman) should be in a book club. At the beginning of the year, I connected with 8 dope folx and started our Books and Bites book club.

We are all across the country and all across the spectrum, with a common goal of a good read + a good group. Over the year, the number has gone up (and down), but the O.R. (original readers) are still on deck. We have read books from every genre from gothic to gossip. I have learned a lot from the books I loved and much from the ones… I loved less. I have learned even more about myself from the conversations we have during our monthly meetings. Nothing makes you reflect more than when someone repeats back your words to you. I cherish them, and I cherish the time we have. I will definitely keep y’all posted on what we are reading.

Currently it is The Secret Lives of Four Wives by @LolaShoneyin

The Bag

So as many of my long time readers know. I have been in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Most of those 10 years I worked in the fashion photography aspect. I have had some amazing experiences with some beautiful (inside and out) folx. But the beginning of this year, I decided to take me talents to… IT. I am currently a project manager for the same company. And while, there are certain people (shout out to Nola) who told me to make the jump a decade ago… everything happens in its own time.

And I began this new journey in my 40s I invested in myself and went for the CSM certification, with no plans on stopping. So all the women I have loved and lost, when folks say “You fumbled the bag” … I am the bag Beloved.

The Other Stuff

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster of love, loss and a taste of motherhood. I have learned so much about my self in that last bit of my 30s. I am going to take the lessons that serve me, and move past the mistakes that didn’t. It was a bumpy rides lovebugs. But isn’t it always with me lol?

I think I am going back to the days of the Kword where I wrote and lived like no one was watching/reading. Next stop Egypt with the Queen Mother… after that. We will see.

Love Y’all Mean it.

Oh and I know I forgot to post the rest of my book…. because… I’m horrible that way. But it’s coming.

Dear Reader who is back in the office — or the reason I have a dozen Starbucks tumblers.

I know a lot of you are working from home (or searching from home) due to Miss Rona.

Yes, I will call her Miss Rona because I don’t want her catching an attitude and showing more of her tail in 2021.

I have, however, been in the office full time for a few months. My 9 to 5 is in fashion photography, and that can’t be done by zoom. Well… maybe it could be, but it damn sure wasn’t. So, since April (maybe May), I have been masking up and sanitizing down to make sure you can buy that cool tee or dope sweatshirt online.

I am not going to go into a workplace rant. I want to but I just can’t do it. It is weird how this all works. For those without a job, there is the anxiety of being unable to take care of yourself and your loved ones. For those with a job, there is the anxiety of wondering when you will be furloughed next. Normal conversations you would have with your friends about how much you are overloaded with work or wish you could take a long weekend seem painfully insensitive. You are the lucky one. Right? It is the least you can suffer to have a job. Right? Only a selfish horrible person would complain. Right? I know survivor’s guilt is usually saved for those who have escaped catastrophic calamity or traumatic event. But hell after 10 months of this pandemic, increased awareness by people who usually don’t care fear of police brutality, and the economic fragility, my mind and body are tired.

Deep sigh…

My first letter to you my dear reader was not supposed to go like this. It was to be about my joy over adding two tumblers to my new, but exponentially growing collection.

I was going to introduce you to the outrageous community of people that buy Starbucks cups/tumblers from all over the world for upwards to 10x the retail cost.

I was going to hang my head in shame telling you how I fell prey to the frenzy for my Pride tumbler. Well a little shame because I am a lesbian… and I deserved that tumbler.

I was going to share with you the group of women that look just like me where we chat and celebrate our newest conquest.

I wasn’t going to tell you how they bring me small (even if ridiculous) slivers of joy, after braving public transportation and enduring temperature scans to get through the door of work.

Or how I take big gulps of water from them, every time an email goes out that another coworker has tested positive.

Or about how I wondered how much I could get for them, if my furlough was next.

This was supposed to be a different letter all together…. maybe next time.

XOXO, Kristi

Set it Right Sundays #2 – You are a Whole Mood!

Hi Lovebugs!

I am back! I planned on writing another post Thursday, but y’all know work was trying my patience. However, the week and the project actually both ended on a high note and I’m still gainfully employed [1].

pats myself on the back

So I am continuing to hydrate, my skin is glowing up [2], and fasting is still a thing all 2019. Continue reading Set it Right Sundays #2 – You are a Whole Mood!

Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – Theaster Gates Reception at @LocustProjects

photo-22Ok. Ok. Ok. I should have written this post two days ago… but the awesomeness that was that night rendered me physically incapable to express myself… read:I ain’t feel like it. *shrugs*. I had a really good Basel part 3 (and in retrospect my last good Basel night) in 2 stages.

After stopping by the Red Dot Air Fair to say hello to Lisa (and take a sip or 2 of  Garden Lemonade) we decided to find the Black Art in America Media Mixer (@doyoubasel)…. until we couldn’t find it. I actually still have no idea where it was. But as they say all good things happen to those who wait, or in my case, should have taken a better look at the Google maps, but let’s not split hairs.

As we roamed around Wynwood in search of the elusive mixer, we ended up behind a group of lovely Buppies and Bohos heading to a gallery which seemed to be a hub for beautiful bohemian folks. See Jesus did want me to mingle. Reny and I (oh yeah my partner in crime was in attendance) walked into the beautiful venue, Locust Projects, where we were introduced to the amazing work of Theaster Gates.

Continue reading Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – Theaster Gates Reception at @LocustProjects

Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – #GentlemanJackABL event Miami, FL


Soooo yeah I was supposed to write this yesterday….. but I was sleepy. And in reality I am really freaking sleepy right now too BUT I said I was going to write about my whole Basel experience. So here goes.

Tuesday was greeeeeeat. On the schedule was the Gentlemen Jack (@jdxus)-Art+Beats+Lyrics event. I linked up with my girl Mila who I haven’t seen in ages and she brought a group of her friends as well. You all know I am not a real people person but they were all really nice. [pause] Oh before I forget shout out to @msingridb for the info on this FREE splendiforous event. If you are into the neo-soul scene, follow her. Link up with her and check out the Bohemia Room which is the must attend for the grown and sexy, urban scene.

Continue reading Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – #GentlemanJackABL event Miami, FL

Events: The Kword does #ArtBasel – Red Dot Art Fair Miami,FL

Let me first say I have never been that person that talks about where they go and who they know and all that BS. Mostly because I don’t go, and don’t know nearly as many places and people, as my counterparts. Keep in mind I went to school with and have palled around with some real local movers and shakers that put my little social calendar to shame. So when one of my friends said that I should start blogging about my misadventures in Miami (since I have pretty much run out of gay-isms) I gave her a brief side-eye… So don’t expect any wave riding, bottle popping “I’m cool” posts…  more like a “I like to get in where I fit in”.

For those who do or do not know, Art Basel has invaded Miami this week. Art Basel is a big deal art show that they have once a year that peter-pipers a lot of people from across the country for a week of art, music and liquor. LOTS OF LIQUOR. I have a very lofty goal of attending an event every single night of Basel without breaking my bank. It may or may not happen but I am up for the challenge. I will be updating y’all every day with the events I attend and hopefully some good stories as I go along…

Tuesday – Red Dot Fair Miami Opening

photo (25)

First stop on my Art Basel tour was the Red Dot Art Fair opening night event.Reny (my Basel 2012 partner in crime) and I were given VIP passes by the lovely Lisa of the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce . No real reason to give them a plug other than the fact that they have donated over 1.4 million dollars to local LGBT initiatives in the Miami area. I have the pleasure of working with them this year on their annual Her Winter Party event but that’s a whole other post. Anyway muchos besos to Lisa for the hook up! We appreciate it.

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The Kword Turns 30… Ok Maybe Just the K did

So for those who did or did not know I turned 30 back on July 28th. It was a great time with new friends and old friends that I will remember for ever and ever A-men. I planned to write a big  blog post about things that I have learned by 30, but in reality there is way too much that I haven’t learned just yet. So I am hitting the blog ground running and have decided to blog until you guys tell me to shut up… or until you unsubscribe.

SN: Follow my eyes to the right side of the screen where you can e-subscribe to my blog posts… *big forced smile*… unless you are on mobile *bigger more forced smile*

So before we start this new journey into my 4th decade of life take a minute and look back at some of my ramblings over the years, while I work on my first new blog post called… “Reclaim the Dildo”.

Oh and the whole movie poster thing…. might just be a wrap. The old EX isn’t around anymore and I don’t have the time  (read: talent) to do it myself. Unlesssssss someone wants to be awesome and do them or something similar for me (Hit me up Also I am endeavoring to add a lot more of the 10 Things to Know About series so I can introduce to more of the movers and shakers of the LGBT community. So stay tuned.

Thanks for the b-day love!

-Muah (no tongue),


Oh and I will share this… I am so ethnocentric and culturally-oblivious that I didn’t even discern that the “K-Word” in most parts of the world is like the “N-Word” here… so ummm yeah… My baaaaad.