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All @HerWinterParty…. All the Time — Let’s Go!

Oh snap! (Yes we brought that back) it’s time for Her Winter Party! We are so excited to be a marketing and media partner with the event and now we are ready to GET IT IN!

Check back here daily as we will be live** blogging and posting pictures from the event all weekend.

(KK will also be tweeting up a storm at @kristiweb, so follow her if you don’t already!

For those who don’t know what Winter Party Festival is about. We snatched this from their website:

For 19 years Winter Party Festival has been making a difference in people’s lives and providing vital funding to organizations serving the South Florida LGBT community. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force donates the majority of the net proceeds of Winter Party Festival and the Miami Recognition Dinner to local nonprofit organizations. Since assuming responsibility for these events in 2005, the Task Force has donated nearly $1.2 million dollars to the GLBT Community Projects Fund of The Miami Foundation.

How cool is that? You know we are always down to party for a purpose.

South Florida lezzies who still want more details, check out the line up HERE.

**See how we cleaned up that live blogging lie (Blame it on the aaaaaalcohol).


Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: 20 Centimeters

twenty_centimetersI awoke from a dream.

A dream full of music and dancing, Fashionistas and Rossy de Palma pulling tricks on dark, damp Madrid streets. A dream of girls with a little something extra. Bunnies bouncing in the city’s alleyways.


Was it all a dream?

No. It was a movie. Two hours worth of 20 Centimeters… and every bit of it is Fabulous.

Director Ramon Salazar draws us into the world of Marieta, a narcoleptic girl with big dreams and an even bigger penis. After finally saving up the money to have her pesky polla removed, she falls in love with the beautiful man who fell in love with her 20 centimeters. What’s a girl to do?

This movie has everything. Narcoleptic tranny hookers. Fierce song and dance numbers. Steamy girl-on-boy-with-boy car sex. Everything a Super Gay movie should have…and then some!

Monica Cervera is amazing as Marieta. She is also amazing as Adolfo… Marieta’s boy side, when necessary. She dances her way into your heart, both with her delicious stems and with her ability to breathe life into her larger than life character. Although I initially picked up this movie because I saw Rossy de Palma’s name in the credits (Big Gay Fan over here!), after watching the first half hour, it was Marieta who stole the show.

This movie is perfect for a date night with your super gay sweetie…unless you have a problem with girl on boy action. Wait, let that soak in a bit… I find a little role reversal to be sexy. Hopefully you will too because this movie is really, really good.

Now….next week, Girl Play. I can’t wait! I Love playing with girls.

AfterOprah.com? Not Happening.– Outing Black Lesbian Celebrities

oprah-and-gayle-hollywood-gossipFirst let me say I am sorry that I haven’t written much (if anything) in the last two weeks. My stepfather succumbed to pneumonia (after a lengthy decline) on February 16… Thank you for the thoughts and sentiments I received from those that knew about it.

Now back to the regularly scheduled K Word.

I’m sure you all think I am always writing about the black lesbian community more than the lesbian community as a whole… and this won’t change your mind. shrugs

Oprah. Whitney. Queen Latifah. Alicia Keys. Missy Elliot. Beyonce. What do these ladies have in common?

They are all powerful and successful women of color AND I have heard “secret lesbian” rumors about all of them in the last month… Okay maybe not Missy Elliot but that’s only because she hasn’t dropped a CD in a while.

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Elsewhere in the blogosphere: Task Force a partner in White House policy briefing for black LGBT emerging leaders

I was very excited and happy to see a focus on LGBT people of color by the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce, last year. I look forward to seeing what they are doing this year…

National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

The Task Force is partnering with the Obama administration, the National Black Justice Coalition and the Human Rights Campaign for today’s White House policy briefing for black LGBT emerging leaders.

At the Task Force we insist that systemic racism is an LGBT issue and that’s why our work every day of the year reflects our deep and central commitment to racial justice.

This includes our annual Racial Justice Institute at the National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change, which strives to build an anti-racist LGBT movement and to train leaders from across the country on how to embed the fight for racial justice into our fight for LGBT equality; and our recently released analysis, Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, with the National Black Justice Coalition and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

The report shows that anti-transgender bias coupled…

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Weekend with The Boys…a Super Gay Adventure.

A gurl was ill last week! All she could do was sit in front of a movie or two, attend an art show and dance the VDay away with her supergay girlfriend. But as promised, it’s all about the boys this week. Yay!

Ok. So I was lying in bed one morning, fishing through the channels when I caught The Skinny on Logo. Yes! I’d wanted to see this movie for aeons and had been talking about it for weeks. Lo and behold, her she was…with no pesky rental fee. lol.

First off, the soundtrack is Gawd Awful. That alone almost killed it for me. I am all for supporting LGBT artists but…c’mon. On the plus side, the actors were really good. I mean the boys, bois, girls and gurls were all a fun bunch of chocolate eye candy. The story was pretty standard. If you are a fan of Noah’s ARC, you’ll love it. I am a fan…but I say, “See it, then judge. Not bad.”

The morning before our art show, I watched Finding Me. I’ve never seen the series but I hear it’s got a pretty substantial following…reminder to me, check it out. As far as the movie was concerned…mas o menos. I mean the love scenes are pretty hot but the main character was so annoying. I mean that gurl…whew!


I rounded out my weekend with the boys on Sunday night with Breakfast on Pluto. Now that queen was special! She was a hot Irish mess just waiting to be served with a side of Good Face and a Body to Match. This movie was sorta difficult for me at first but either I began to understand that thick brogue or the actors got tired of trying so hard. Either way…the movie got better for me. Miss Patricia Kitten was either innocent, foolish or blessed. All of her dreams come true. I won’t say more. It’s kind of a must see.

Next week, it’s back to the girls! lol. I’ll take a gander at Girl Play by Lee Friedlander… and it’s not what you think. This one comes highly recommended. Thespian Lesbians…oh, my! Au Revoir, darlinks.

Aqua Foundation LBT Scholarship Cycle ends February 25th

logo“Being an Aqua Scholar has impacted me tremendously, I not only have the financial support, but I also have the support of the community I would like to impact upon graduation,” says Kim Ehly, 2010-2013 scholar. Promoting future leaders of the South Florida Community, like Ehly, is a cornerstone of Aqua Foundation for Women’s mission, which is accomplished by awarding scholarships to benefit graduating high school, college, and graduate students who are active in our community.

No question where your Aqua Girl dollars go…

This year, thanks in part to the generosity of private donors and the support of Wells Fargo, who donated $7,500 to the scholarship program, we were able to award 15 scholarships. These scholarships were awarded to promising young women who were selected due to their outstanding academics, consistent commitment to the community, and their leadership potential. Our scholars this year are Susan Caraballo, Bridget Pelaez, Charrise Alexander, Vanessa Hernandez, Mageda Abdulhadi, Jessica Wilson, Julia Larson, Katherine Peterson, Sabrina Diz, Melissa Miller Munoz, Kim Ehly, Yanire Chow, Catherine Armuelles, Kim Carias, and Maria Valero.

The women awarded AFW scholarships are pursuing a variety of disciplines including information technology, religious studies, law, music, politics, and therapy, which positions them to contribute to the LBT community in unique ways. Scholarships ranged in size from $2,500 – $5,000, with a total of $53,000 granted by AFW.

Aqua Foundation believes that its scholarship program enables LBT women to grow personally and professionally by reducing their financial burden and by providing them with a mentor for guidance and support as part of our AFW Mentoring Program. Each year Aqua Foundation’s scholars and mentors tell them how deeply pivotal mentoring is to the scholar’s experience, how crucial it is for them to have positive LBT role-models. Ana Romes, 2010-2012 scholar, says her mentor “allowed me to feel that I had a safety net and that someone was concerned for my well-being.”

AFW looks forward to continuing to support LBT women in the community through this scholarship fund.

Quotes from Scholars on the Impact of the Program

Last year’s Aqua Girl Affair where the 2012 scholarships were awarded.

“The Aqua Foundation Scholarship allows me to continue to afford my legal education, and frees me to spend more time being an advocate, a mentor, and a voice, not only for myself but for all that are members of the LGBT community.”
-Charrise Alexander (2012-2013)

“I am extremely excited to become more involved with Aqua Foundation for Women, and I can’t wait to meet my mentor. I’ve been waiting to give back to the LBT community and to be seen as a leader, and this is such an honor.”
– Bridget Pelaez (2011-2013)

“Aqua Foundation has given me the opportunity to succeed in college which will, in turn, prepare me to become an activist for the LGBTQ community. Thank you, Aqua!”
– Mageda Abdulhad (2010-2013)

Contact Information

For more information about the scholarship program’s requirements, please visit their information page.

You may also contact Elsa Roberts via email or phone (305.576.2782) for more information or if you have any questions about the program.

KWord Approved: Last Minute Lesbian Valentine’s Day Gifts

Still looking for those last minute Valentine’s gifts for the women who love women in your life? Here are some KWord Approved options. And yes the girlfriends of the KWord who were really good probably are getting something on this list.

DISCUSSION: What did you get your partner this Valentine’s Day? What did you get (Well that might have to wait a few days)? Any gift options we missed?