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SRL Things You Should Know: Sudan Crisis

Hi Lovebugs,

I apologize for the delay on this post but this is one that I have been wanting to share for the last week. I know we have been seeing lots of posts about the tourists dying in Dominican Republic and the speculation around the causes. And while the intrigue is going to be a lifetime movie (or true crime documentary), there is another pressing situation that has been going virtually under the radar for the last few months.

So here is a post with all that I know about the massacre in the Sudan. I was able to have lunch with one of my coworker/sisterfriends to give me more insight into the crisis. I felt so blessed for her willingness to do the emotional work, as she is a Sudanese immigrant and her mother is actually there now.

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You Say They’re Just a Friend…

Hi Lovebugs,

Let me first say that I am completely taking this song out of context but it is one that is ringing in my ears.

Over the last two days, I have had an epitome. I need to re-cultivate friendships that I have let go.

I was having a conversation with Jai about the market for friendship speed dating when I had that ah-ha moment. Why in the world would I need to do something like that when I know and have known some really amazing people? I can count over a dozen folx without even thinking too hard. The problem isn’t finding people to be friends with, but sustaining those friendships. I really suck at that. Continue reading You Say They’re Just a Friend…

Per our last conversation…

Jesus be a fence… around me and my da– doggone desk.

I was having a great week at work. Feeling accomplished. Being a team player. Getting compliments on how great my makeup looks today from a legit celebrity makeup artist. Living my best 9 to 5 life…. until about 126 minutes ago.

The devil tried to get busy and I had to shoot the most “PER OUR LAST CONVERSATION HOE”[1] email that I have ever sent in my life… so far. Continue reading Per our last conversation…

Chapter 2: Joy

“Hey handsome”

“Why the fuck aren’t you at the house, Joyce Michelle?” Kevin’s voice rang in my ear.

I looked at the phone. Oh shit, the first and middle name? I am in trouble.

“I’m out for a little bit baby” I whined into the phone.

“Out where? For fuckin what? Do I hear niggas in the background?” Kevin hollered with enough bass that I almost jumped in my car and took my ass home.


“Joy stop playing with me. If you can Huh you can hear.”

“Toni called me and said little sis needed me so I am meeting them at Fox lounge for a few minutes. I would have said no because my man doesn’t want me to leave the house like that without him, but I know how much you love your sister and would want me to be there for her in her time of need”. I rattled my words off as fast I could, hoping that he only heard the part about loving his sister and definitely nothing about me going to Fox lounge.


“Baby I am fine. The baby is fine. Your sister needs me. I won’t be out long. I love you.”


Hell if I am already going to have to hear his mouth about leaving the house, I might as well hear it about hanging up on his ass too. If I thought that leaving the house would put my baby at risk I would have been holed up like damn Rapunzel but that just wasn’t the case. I was going to sit at a bar on a stool and listen to my sister in law tell me about her no good ass man. I don’t understand why she stayed with his ass anyway. He was sneaky as hell. He had what my grandma called women’s tendencies. I wish my boo would just let his ass go. But what can I say? She will know when she had enough.

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It’s a Take A Village To Live the SRL

Good morning Lovebugs,

I am up bright and early this morning overcome with a sense of gratitude. No this is not a gushy post about my partner, this one is a shout out to all the women in my sister circle that are helping make me better every single day.

For a second, I was going to list them by name but as you read the blog over time, you will get to know many of them so that didn’t seem to be the answer.

I will instead just give you a snippet of my morning and how two of them made an impact in my life from the moment I woke up.

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