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Operation 4/11 (or how I got caught snooping)

Ok for those who follow me on twitter  and/or are my facebook friend, you might have noticed the emergence of SHE. We are referring to her as SHE for the time being because the last time I had a public eye relationship it resulted in a public eye breakup and I am not down for that right now.

I hadn’t planned on blogging about her just yet but ummm yeah that was before I got caught checking up on her when one of my internet “friends” snitched on me…

Got to be more careful…
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:60 Second Shorts – Oh that Tracy… (Why am I not mad ENOUGH?)

I never thought I would ever say “Tracy Morgan has changed the way I think of myself”. Had it not been for netflix and 30 Rock on instant queue I might have never even known his name (I’m not a big tv person) but that has all changed.

For those of you that have been getting wasted at Pride or living under a rock, during his latest show, Tracy Morgan made a statament that if his son turned out to be gay, he would “pull out a knife and stab” him….


Really negro? Really negro? I know somewhere in the world Isaiah Washington dropped his head and did the “C’mon Son”.

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:60 Second Shorts – Why @antoniacarter was the “non-MFin factor” yesterday

Now I am not going to take up much time this morning rehashing what Antonia Carter of “Tiny and Toya” fame (and yes I use that term loosely) tweeted yesterday about it being sad to see gay people under the age of 18, for several reasons. Mostly because a) she deleted the damn post, which doesn’t mean she didn’t mean it, but only that her cowardice got the best of her and b) I don’t really entertain commentary on the state of the world from anyone whose sole claim to fame is capitalizing off of Lil Wayne’s hyperactive sperm.

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Lez Integrationiste: MLK’s Dream Redux

Ok so as usual I am taking for granted that if you read my blog you follow me on twitter, so you know that I attended the Art Exhibit & Cocktail Reception Winter Party event.

It was a great time full of artwork, music, drinks, and food. I got to meet and mingle with staffers from both the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce and Aquagirl (two awesome organizations!). The best part being the proceeds go right back into the community. But the one thing that I couldn’t help but notice was… ummm there were 3 black people. No really I counted.
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Dyke Club: The Other “Secret Society”

As my followers can attest to and my readers as well I have been slacking on my kword for the last couple of weeks or so. (If you didn’t miss me… screw you *big smile*) Aside from working on some family thaaangs, and trying to learn a thing or two, there is another major reason for my absence. I have recently become inducted in a very important secret society called…

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:60 Second Shorts – New Black Gay Reality Show ‘Tha Life Atlanta’

We all now that Atlanta has long been hailed as the mecca for black gay men (with D.C. a close second).

Well now Princess Banton-Lofters (responsible for Real Housewives of Atlanta ) is bringing us ‘Tha Life Atlanta’, a new reality show following the lives of five openly gay black men living in Atlanta.

I am sure we will here more about who these gents are soon, but per Jason Dinsmore of BE Entertained:

“They all come from different walks of life including Dr.’s, dancers, and professional clubbers, but the one thing that they all have in common (BEsides BEing gay males) is that they are all extra FAB!!!”

I will be tuning in! Will you?
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