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Chapter 10: Toni

What the hell? I jumped up as I heard someone trying to open my door. If it is that damn drunk model again thinking this is her room, I am going to hurt her.  This is what happens when you book work through the agency. The client makes reservations for all the staff from models to stylists in the same damn hotel. The first night after the kickoff is fun. I didn’t drink when I was working but it still a lot your body. You hang out and see people you haven’t seen since the year before. Your snapchat and instagram are amazing.  But by the end of the week, you are over every single person.

I have been working for three days straight and I am running on fumes. If I didn’t have to try and catch up with Gabriel tomorrow I would take my behind straight back to Miami. My feet ache, my arm hurts, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being a MUA. 

Wait does this person have a key?

“This room is occupied! No house cleaning today!” I screamed trying to throw some clothes on as the person on the other side of my door was still intent on getting in.

“I am not house cleaning”

What the hell is he doing here? I looked up and Damien’s fine ass was standing looking at me. He was wearing a black tank top and a pair of grey sweatpants. I almost bit a hole in my mouth seeing his print. 

I watched him walk over to the bed and sit next to me in a trance. Why can’t I stop looking at this man’s dick? As he pulled the covers off of me, his eyes traveled down my body. He took his fingers and ran them down my thighs making me shiver in anticipation. I opened my legs unconsciously. He chuckled. 

Embarrassed, I tried to pull away.

“Never try to take my pussy from me. I was going to get to you. Let me cater to you first” he said gruffly.

“You cater to hoes now?” I said with an attitude.

“Sometimes” he said taking my foot in his hand. He slowly massaged it, putting pressure from on the ball to the heel. As much as I wanted to fight it, my eyes closed and a moan escaped. After he massaged the other foot I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come or pass out. I really wanted to do both.

As he worked up back up my thighs I felt my heart beat out of my chest. I wanted to grab his hands and pull him inside about me, but the smirk on his face wouldn’t let me give in. 

“Toni this asshole called you all kinds of hoes and bitches” I reasoned with myself in my head.

While I was trying to fight myself, he was obviously plotting on me. He turned my body towards him, slid to the floor and brought his face directly in front of my throbbing clit. He started sucking on my thighs going from side to side. Between each pass he would flick tongue on my clit. I could feel myself leaking down my thighs. I couldn’t help myself. I was about to cum. I guess he could tell I was about to erupt. He slid me closer, my body tensed and my eyes shut

Knock Knock. 

“No baby don’t stop fuck who is at the door.”

Knock Knock.

“Baby come on give it to me”

I opened my eyes and the room was completely dark… and empty.

Fuck. This motherfucker just cheated me out of nut even in my damn sleep.

“I DON’T NEED HOUSEKEEPING TODAY” I yelled before throwing the sheets back over my head.

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Chapter 9: Money K

As I stood there with both of my baby mamas I knew I was moments away from a Worldstar Hip Hop moment. There was absolutely no reason for Yaya to walk into Joy. I saw that shit, it was very intentional. She hadn’t been on bullshit this whole 8 months, I don’t know why she was starting now. I knew I should have told Joy when she first stepped to me about being pregnant but how could I? Joy loved my dirty draws and even through all this mess I loved her too. I should have cut Yaya off a long time ago. Now look at me. 


Then I get a call from one of my lieutenants about some bullshit popping off at Treetop. Boogie should have been the one to call me not this nigga. I don’t know what he had going on but this wasn’t the time for fucking around.

As I drove up to the house, I was seeing red. It seems that not only was one of my trap houses hit but Black, one of my most loyal lieutenants was shot. Joy sat quiet holding my hand as I drove. I took her hand and put it in her lap. I know it hurt her for me to do it but her touch always softened me. This wasn’t the time for that. 

Once we got to the house I called Pop and told him I was going to scoop him before we headed up top. He had already heard about what happened so he was waiting. I ran upstairs and pulled out my old uniform. Black shirt, black jeans and black Tims. When I got back downstairs, Joy was sitting on the couch eating her Popeyes in silence. I kissed on the forehead.

“I don’t care what you have to do, but you make it home to me Kevin” she whispered.


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Chapter 8: Joy

Today is the day that we are going to finally find out the sex of our baby. I am not sure why Kevin is so hell bent on it being a boy but whatever it is I will be happy. I just want them here and healthy. 

It took me a while but I am actually really excited about being a mother. My mom is coming down from Baton Rouge to help us out after I give birth because Kevin doesn’t really let people in the house like that. His mom was off cruising the world with her new boyfriend. The way she spends money now you would never she is from the projects. She was bougie with a capital B but I love Mama Josephine. I wish she was here a little bit more for Kevin but there was nothing I could really do. All I could do was love him with all I got, and that I am down for.

I looked at myself in the mirror and was amazed how much my body changed. I don’t know why I thought I didn’t look pregnant. My little love was definitely starting to make their presence known. I haven’t felt any kicks yet but according to Sinclair, who thinks she is my baby daddy, that usually doesn’t happen to first time mothers until 16-25 weeks. At just 17 weeks, I am waiting waiting waiting.

Chapter 7: Damien

Driving home I had a lot on my mind… Okay I had one thing on my mind, Toni. I don’t know what the fuck is up with her. When she fell asleep last night she was one stroke from telling me she loved me, we wake up and she is mad at the world. Then she came out the side of her face on that Plan B shit. Just the thought of her killing my child made me want to snap her neck. I know she probably wasn’t pregnant but that’s not the point. She knew what time it was when she let me shoot up in her. I definitely hadn’t planned on it but when I got up in there I couldn’t help it. Nah I am a grown ass man, I could have strapped up but I just didn’t want to. For all her slick talk, after one touch I knew ain’t nobody been hitting my pussy. Yeah that pussy is still mine. The rest of her will be too soon enough. I just had to figure out what the fuck her deal was.

As I pulled up to my crib, Man was already there waiting for me. Did he fly?

“The fuck you mean did MY Mama cook? What does that have to do with whether our household eats? Do you hear yourself? All I asked was for one fucking meal from my woman. You know what don’t even worry about it ma. Tell baby girl I will see her in the morning… Yo don’t ever question me about my whereabouts!” 

Here he goes. I honestly don’t know why he fucks with this broad anymore. I mean I know why but that shit don’t make any sense. Sometimes you have to let things go and she was definitely one of those things.

“Damn bruh you just barging in my shit. Let me find out I need to find a new hiding place for my key.” I said making myself a glass of Hennessey at the bar.

“You dumb as hell” Man said laughed lowly. I could tell he was still pissed off.

Truth be told there was no key that could get anyone into my house. Unlike the shed where isolation was the key security feature, at my house I went more tech. I had my partner Sync outfit the whole place. The door required thumbprint access, while my office had both thumbprint and voice recognition. The only people that could ever get through the front door were Ma, Monica, Man and myself. Since they were the only ones who knew where I laid my head was that was perfect. 

Chapter 6: Sinclair

“Ok tell me exactly what he said Toni.”

Something just didn’t sound right. When Toni first text me this morning she was all excited about the night she had spent with Damien, her Captain Save a Toni. Five minutes later she was texting me that she wish she had never went to his crib, that he was an asshole and that she never wanted to see him again. I was used to Toni’s mood swings but this was even much for her.

“Wait Toni give me one second. Joy are you good?” I called on the intercom

“I am fine sis…. Hi are you here for the children’s casting? Please sign in here and take a number. What agency are you with?”

“Okay in five minutes let numbers 5-10 into the inner office please.”

While juggling Toni’s breakdown I was also responsible for doing my actual job. For the last three years I have been working as a casting director at the Forte agency. Basically companies hire us to find them a pool of top choice models and actors for projects ranging from billboards to blockbusters. I was working under Danielle Forte and I couldn’t be more lucky. In this business there was the Forte agency… and everybody else.

I had met her four years ago when the college hired her to cast students for their recruitment video. She placed an ad on Craigslist for an assistant and I was the first to answer. The job wasn’t glitzy or glamorous but I worked hard and Danielle was impressed . She liked my work ethic and gave me different jobs while I finished school. When I graduated, she told me to come visit her at her office on South Beach. Two years later I was heading her South Florida office. I loved every minute of my job. I was even able to hire Toni some days when the budget allowed for an assistant. After her night last night I called Joy to come and work with me instead.

“Look I am going to have Joy order us lunch. I know you aren’t passing up free food. Bring your ass down to the office. I already know what to order I gotta go. Love you.” I hung up the phone quickly before she could come up with an excuse as to why she couldn’t come in.

Chapter 5: Money K

Looking across my desk at these men, I knew this was the team that I needed around me to take my empire to the next level. While I had several lieutenants that were making moves for me only a select few made it into my inner circle. I had been in the game for almost 15 years. My name rang louder than church bells up and down Florida. I was the nigga that everyone wanted to be. Over the years I had seen many youngsters come and try to take my spot but here I was still reigning supreme, Money Motherfucking K.

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Chapter 2: Joy

“Hey handsome”

“Why the fuck aren’t you at the house, Joyce Michelle?” Kevin’s voice rang in my ear.

I looked at the phone. Oh shit, the first and middle name? I am in trouble.

“I’m out for a little bit baby” I whined into the phone.

“Out where? For fuckin what? Do I hear niggas in the background?” Kevin hollered with enough bass that I almost jumped in my car and took my ass home.


“Joy stop playing with me. If you can Huh you can hear.”

“Toni called me and said little sis needed me so I am meeting them at Fox lounge for a few minutes. I would have said no because my man doesn’t want me to leave the house like that without him, but I know how much you love your sister and would want me to be there for her in her time of need”. I rattled my words off as fast I could, hoping that he only heard the part about loving his sister and definitely nothing about me going to Fox lounge.


“Baby I am fine. The baby is fine. Your sister needs me. I won’t be out long. I love you.”


Hell if I am already going to have to hear his mouth about leaving the house, I might as well hear it about hanging up on his ass too. If I thought that leaving the house would put my baby at risk I would have been holed up like damn Rapunzel but that just wasn’t the case. I was going to sit at a bar on a stool and listen to my sister in law tell me about her no good ass man. I don’t understand why she stayed with his ass anyway. He was sneaky as hell. He had what my grandma called women’s tendencies. I wish my boo would just let his ass go. But what can I say? She will know when she had enough.

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