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KRead: Black Woman, White Combat-from the Streets to the Sand

Black Woman, White Combat-from the Streets to the Sand
Plot Snapshot:  A memoir of Eboni N. Lacy, an army reservist, who shares her experience during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I am conflicted about this book. I could tell within the first few pages that completing it would be a labor of love. The writing is not as polished as most of the books I am drawn to and some of the experiences she shares appear to be disjointed. Continue reading KRead: Black Woman, White Combat-from the Streets to the Sand

Something Like A Super Lesbian: Ashley Broadway


Happy Monday! Happy MLK Day! Happy Inauguration Day! There is a lot to be happy about  today it seems. I had an amazing weekend getting my serve on for National Day of Service. How about you? I hope it was splendid.

You might not know our newest SLSL by name but Ashley Broadway, a lesbian Army spouse, has become the recent face of same-sex partners in the military.

Back in December, Broadway, the newlywed wife of Lt. Col. Heather Mack, announced she was blocked from joining the Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses, for being a lesbian. Originally, citing Broadway’s lack of a military ID as the reason she was denied, the organization now says they are reviewing their bylaws. As a way to appease Broadway, and to combat the controversy that has mounted, the ABOS offered her a “special guest membership”.  Broadway said No Way!

images-Lesbian_wife_of_female_Army_officer_banned_831324997“Ashley is not a ‘guest’ military spouse. She is a military spouse, plain and simple,” Stephen
Peters, of the American Military Partner Association, said in a statement. “So the idea that the organization, in order to end the negative attention they are getting because of their outright discrimination, wants to give her a ‘guest membership’ is not only offensive, but ridiculous.”

Pretty much.

Amy, you might not be a super lesbian but by refusing to compromise the legitimacy your marriage you are indeed a super wife. And those who don’t like it are going to have to deal.

Do you know any SLSLs in your neck of the woods? Email me at kristi at the kword.com or tweet me @kristiweb.

FOR DISCUSSION: What do you think you would do in this situation? Would you have taken the “guest membership”?

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