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:60 second shorts – A Day at the Zoo, Fela! *side eye* and Marriage

photo (16)Hello lovebugs! I feel like I haven’t written in a while and that’s no bueno.  Sorry I don’t have anything overtly lesbian to discuss…. other than yes I still sleep with women… I mean woman… one woman.  (I cleaned that up real quick).  I promise the next post will be dripping with Lip Service allusions and quotes from the Task Force press releases.

Sidenote: the full series of the L Word is back on netflix instant. Enjoy!

I must say I had an amazing time with my family and my girls this weekend. Saturday, my 9 to 5 had a company picnic at the local zoo chock full of lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! I got the chance to spend some QT with my niece and my grand nephews. Those boys right there… those boys right there. They are super cute in small doses.  I love them… BUT I can’t say I was sorry to see them go  home with their mother…. Does that make me a bad person? If nothing else, this weekend sure helped my biological clock stop ticking. I actually think it went stowaway in an old Delorean (that was definitely an age check statement…).

photo (15)Sunday afternoon, the girls and I checked out Fela! for a little Sunday Funday. We have been doing this more regularly which is very cool. I am happy and blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful WOC. We are all so completely different but somehow it works. Awwww.

Now about the show…. *sigh* I am slightly apprehensive about giving my opinion about the show… 3…2…1… ok I’m over that. I liked the show for the most part, the most part being the parts when Michelle Williams was not on the stage. *shrugs* I am not hating, nor I am throwing shade so you can hold that mule. Her disjointed movements and nasal voice really distracted me and affected my experience. Other than that…….. it was a very high energy and engaging production. I am really glad to have gone.

I would also like to take this time to be extremely happy for and congratulatory to two lovely ladies who got engaged over the week.  I really wish I could have made it to their engagement party but by the time I woke up from my post-zoo nap it was 10pm. I look forward to more opportunities to celebrate with them in the near future! But until then, CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS M and I!

photo (13)
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Oh and am I the only one that didn’t know girl from Noah’s Arc was straight? Like just got married this weekend in Vegas straight? Like no sistas need apply straight? I mean…. Congratulations girl! Y’all look so cute! Wait, did I just out her? No right? o_O

Last but not least did I mention I am finally going back for my MBA. Yeah Yeah *insert your old dogs, new tricks comments here*

Ok ok maybe I did lez up the piece…. I can’t help it *shrugs*