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Super Gay Pride Month of Movies : Musicals, Madness and Marches. Oh, my!

fruitLet me just say that this past June was The Best Pride Month, ever!
The premier, premium LGBT network, here!, was free for the entire month. I’d never watched here! before so, I was super psyched to see that they had Half Share, Alec Mapa’s newish sitcom. Let me just say that it’s over the top, crass and everything else this girl loves in a good show, perfect for a super gay afternoon with the ladies.  I tried a few other things on here! but it wasn’t my taste. The drag variety show “She Lives For This” is cool if one doesn’t expect too much, however; Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads gave me and the missus both raging headaches. So much for here!, I’m over it.

I did enjoy a cute little indie flick called Fruit Fly. It was basically about a Filipino performance artist who moves to San Francisco to put on a show but meets some cool people and has an adventure. Oh! It’s also a musical. The story was sorta simple but the movie was kinda convoluted which made it hard to understand at times. It’s so darned cute though! I liked it but strongly suggest having a few glasses of wine with the show.

My better half and I managed to squeeze one more Super Gay Movie before months end, Mr. Right, imported from England right to our television.  Mr. Right is an assemble piece like He’s Just Not That Into You or Love Actually but with lots and lots of boys who like boys. The story is introduced by the token girl of the posse, Louise. She has just been dumped by a man she met through a dating service…for a man. Her friends are all beautiful, gay men who’re dealing with drama in their lives and her sexually ambiguous boyfriend is loving every minute of it. Skip the wine when watching this one. This movie requires lots and lots of caffeine. It is british, after all but worth watching and loads of fun.