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KTravel: The Future of Haiti (Photojournal)

*Note: I totally thought I posted this two weeks ago*

I can’t stop day dreaming about my first trip to Haiti and the amazing organization Fleur de Vie that made it happen.

Fleur de Vie is a US based non-profit organization benefiting the children of Port-Au-Prince and neighboring areas of Haiti. Each year they provide, with the help of local and US sponsors, school supplies, medical testing, and other aid to hundreds of school children.

Mama KWord and I joined them for their latest project, providing traveling library kits filled with books.

Each day we would visit one or two different schools, where we presented the kits and read stories to the children.  The looks on their faces as we interacted with them was priceless. Their fervor for education was refreshing. It was a life-changing experience that I can never repay.


I will never forget my first class with my teaching partner Marie-Ange. For me not speaking a bit of Kreyol, and un peu de French, we were a great team.


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