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10 Things To Know About: Nastassja and Lea of Spring Up Bow Ties

As a industry 9 to 5iver, I can honestly say it is hard for me to be excited about fashion nowadays. In a world built on superficial beauty, it is easy to get caught up in the polish without any purpose. So when I was introduced to the crew at Spring Up Bow Ties, I was psyched. Any group whose vision is violence-free campus communities in which students have equal access to higher education, as well as resources that reflect and respect their experiences, I support.

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KWORD APPROVED: Saint Harridan

The K Word loves to see a woman in a finely tailored suit, so we are sharing this for our own benefit as well as yours.

Oakland-based brand, Saint Harridan was born when creator Mary Going could not find anything to wear to her wedding.

The company mostly sells one suit, in four color options, that are tailored to fit women’s bodies perfectly.stharridan1 Continue reading KWORD APPROVED: Saint Harridan

KWord Approved: Ambiance Couture Bowties

Anyone that know us knows that the ladies of the K Word have a thing for bowties.

*KK edit* And sexy masculine identified lesbians with bowties…. suspenders… and spectacles. Yes Lawd

Ambiance Couture owned by NY lezzie Silki Harris is giving us life renewed with her bowtie collection. This is not your grandpappy’s tie (unless he was fierce). Silki is serving a wide range of styles –florals to neon to leopard print Rawwwr.


Prices range from 18-30 dollars so it definitely won’t put a dent in your pocket.

We can’t wait to stunt in our bowties and suspenders, what do you think?


Check the e-store at http://acouturebowtie.storenvy.com or visit them on facebook 

A little fine print: No we weren’t compensated for this post… we just love cool stuff.