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Chapter 3: Toni

“Father God if you get me out of the situation alive, I swear I will be in the front pew of Mount Moriah next week. You know I would have been there today but I was trying to be a good Christian and help my sister in her time of need. Amen” I prayed to myself on the way to get in the car. Yes I might have a trash mouth but I was raised in the church and I knew who to call on in my time of need. Now the fact that I should have taken my ass home with Sinclair was beside the point. Right?

When I got to the car, the mystery man opened the door of his big body black on black Audi so I could get in. Closing the door behind me, he walked over to the other side of his car, sparking a blunt. We drove in silence for what felt like an eternity. John Coltrane oozed through his speakers. My dad had been a big Coltrane fan when I was a kid, so I would recognize it anywhere. The mix of the music and weed smoke calmed my whole body down. I found myself drumming my fingers and humming along to myself.

I took a chance to look at my hero. How did I miss how sexy he was? Dressed in a black v-neck shirt and dark navy true religion jeans, he kept his jewelry simple with a single diamond stud in his ear and a watch with a few more diamonds on his wrist. It wasn’t too much, but it did glitter under the lights as we drove down the street.  He had dark chocolate skin, with a beautiful full beard that seemed soft to the touch. I let my eyes wander up to his full pink lips as he took another pull of his blunt, I was stuck. I was so caught up I didn’t realize those lips turning up into a smirk as he caught me staring. I looked up into his deep brown eyes, and quickly looked away in embarrassment trying to hide my face. I couldn’t even imagine what it looked like right now.

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