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10 Things to Know About: Introductions (The Hip Hop Edition)

Allow me to introduce myself my name is K…K…to the *side eye*. Let me stop before I start, I am really excited to be able to share with you four artists from different regions and with different styles, but with one commonality — their love for music (oh yeah and they like girls too).

Please know I am suppressing my inner hype woman right now… so before I don a oversized clock and removable gold teeth grills. I am going to let them introduce themselves.

-DJ Lezzie Lay

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:60 Second Shorts – New Black Gay Reality Show ‘Tha Life Atlanta’

We all now that Atlanta has long been hailed as the mecca for black gay men (with D.C. a close second).

Well now Princess Banton-Lofters (responsible for Real Housewives of Atlanta ) is bringing us ‘Tha Life Atlanta’, a new reality show following the lives of five openly gay black men living in Atlanta.

I am sure we will here more about who these gents are soon, but per Jason Dinsmore of BE Entertained:

“They all come from different walks of life including Dr.’s, dancers, and professional clubbers, but the one thing that they all have in common (BEsides BEing gay males) is that they are all extra FAB!!!”

I will be tuning in! Will you?
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Unfashionable Femme

*I wrote this post from the air on the way to see UNO so chalk up anything that ruffles your feathers to the altitude… it probably has nothing to do with the altitude but if it helps you sleep at night (shrugs) *

I have come to terms that I am not hip. Mostly because I equate being hip to being with fads, and nothing about me says fad-ish (or so I hope). That is why I will never be a cool lesbian… or a diva dyke or whatever homo Barbie-esque labels we go by this week. I am just an old school doily dyke that loves women (most of the time, you heffas can also work a nerve).

I am not really sure when being a lesbian became so primetime cool. Was it when Gina Gershon and the Bride of Chucky chick kissed? Was it when Showime presented the L Word? I would say Ellen… but nothing about Ellen speaks cool… Was it you Queen L in Set it Off? Maybe all the girl on girl video chick scenes (you can always blame rap) . Whoever and Whatever it was can I say a rousing… Thank you…dumb ass.

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10 Things 2 Know About: Lez City

Meet Adrienne Michelle, a self-proclaimed Jersey Girl (currently cheating with Philadelphia) who loves to write about sex, love and relationships. She loves it so much that she’s decided to make a career out of it. Adrienne is currently in graduate school to become a clinical sexologist… (think Dr. Ruth or Sue Johanson…except the young, black, lesbian version.)

Give her time and you will be able to call her a relationship counselor, sex therapist, shrink, sexpert, and sex educator… but until then sick mind fuck (her words not mine) will have to do.

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Superlesbians Do Not Exist

… better yet let me say that I’m not one.

I guess this post all started when I was approached by a girl on twitter who proclaimed she was a “Goldstar”. Now seeing that the last time I was concerned with stars of any metallic color was in grade school I was a bit confused.  I am glad she couldn’t see my face because she definitely was the recipient of my patented “Did you ride the slow bus?” sideeye.

So when she asked me if I was a goldstar… I didn’t even pretend to know what she was talking about.
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:60 Second Kword Shorts – #LGBTPioneers

If you follow me on twitter then you are already aware of my new twitter campaign. I was tired of condemning the stereotypes LGBT community share via social media without trying to use my platform to share some good examples that the modern member of the gay community can emulate.

Here are the first 10:

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