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Fling: A Women’s Weekend – Miami Beach Pride for Women 2014 — THIS WEEKEND

Awww spring is here and with that comes some of our favorite lezzie event in Miami. Up next is Fling: A Women’s Weekend during Miami Beach Gay Pride.

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Happy Sunday! It has been a long week of ups and downs but I am very glad I was able to attend the latest installment of our Lesbians of Color Dinner Series. It was a great time hosted by one of my favorite couples Tee and Jada. For their dinner they chose a  Italian theme served family style, complete with an after dinner shot of Sambuca (among other libations).

These monthly dinners are becoming one of the highlights of my month. We have candid conversations about everything from dating to professional advancement. I love how we have created a safe place where we can talk without judgement (well… maybe a little judgement lol).  We now have about 20 dynamic women in our group and I can’t wait to see how the next dinner turns out.


Out and About: #LadyFestMiami VIP Reception

LadyFest Miami is a DIY (do-it-yourself) festival organized and run by volunteers made by and for women: trans folks, LGB people, straight women, kinksters, people of color, immigrants, genderqueer, queer, and their allies.

The goal of the grassroots organization is to unite, engage, and empower our local community, build a sustainable community and celebrate diversity by creating a space for education, transformative dialogue, art, and cultural expression. LadyFest is open and inviting to everyone, of all ages and backgrounds.

To kick off the first event and showcase a taste of what LadyFest Miami had to offer, they held a VIP reception at O Cinema in Wynwood on Wednesday, March 26. We were honored to be among those they invited.
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We See What You Did There: Ex-Senator Hides in Closet for 5 hours

Nicole+LeFavour+headshot+croppedFirst let us say that the K Word would never ever ever ever ever ever suggest you go to your old job and do something like this. But we have to give former state, Sen. Nicole LeFavour her props for this one.

She hid in a closet in the Idaho Statehouse for more than five hours in an attempt to convince Republican lawmakers to update the language in the Idaho Human Rights Act. She is attempting to get lawmakers to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the act which outlines the state’s anti-discrimination provisions.

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Opa: Lesbians of Color Dinner Series (February) and some reflections #LOC

My actual Habitat shirt... and a good rule of thumb in life.
My actual Habitat shirt… and a good rule of thumb in life.

Good morning lovebugs. Wow it’s been a while since I started off a post like that o_O. I am trying to mentally and physically regroup from an exhausting (and awesome) weekend.

Saturday morning, I did Habitat for Humanity through my company’s community action committee. By Saturday afternoon, I wanted to cut off my own limbs because everything hurt. Thanks to Epsom Salt and Tylenol, I bounced back in time for the second installment of the Lesbians of Color Dinner Series hosted this time by the K Word’s own Crystal J.

I had a great time. Crystal and her partner chose a Mediterranean theme. We enjoyed kebabs and turkish delite, while sipping on shots of Ouzo. Yes, we sipped the shots because I only know one person who could take to the head (Shout out to Brig).  It was great to see the energy from the first event didn’t extinguish over the month. We had great conversations and met some new ladies (which will always be my favorite part).

Not an actual picture of the event (duh!)

I don’t have any pictures of this party because the hostesses asked that we not take any.  No debauchery occurred but I still respected their wishes. Let the record show my dress was fierce… and since there are no pictures on record of it… I’m wearing it again. *shrugs*

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Something Like A Super Lesbian: Nadine Smith @1nadinesmith

nadine_headshotI have noticed that this black history month particularly, and with this Something Like a Super Lesbian series in general, I have been highlighting people that are dead.

I didn’t really meannnn to, but there is just something about monochromatic pictures of lesbians of  yesteryear.

I am going to switch it up right now.

As a Florida lesbian of color, I am proud to introduce Nadine Smith as the newest inductee to the League of Extraordinary Lesbians. Continue reading Something Like A Super Lesbian: Nadine Smith @1nadinesmith

Launch of the Lesbians of Color Dinner Series #LOC

For those who know me on a non-virtual level (I was going to say a personal level… but yeah anyone that reads this blog knows me quiiiite personally *shrugs*) I have been going on and on about the launch of my newest project, the Lesbians of Color Dinner Series. The last Saturday of the month, dynamic lesbians of color from all over South Florida get together to dish, eat, and network. I would include sip but if it is something I am a part of, that should be pretty obvious.

So Saturday was our first dine. It was AMAZING! No, I’m not just saying that because I was the host. The theme of my dinner was a Wine and Tapas Soiree (with a little/lot of Sangria) too.  We ended up with 16 [insert another word for amazing] women, 20 bottles of wine, 3 gallons of sangria and only 2 broken glasses. We got little snapshots into each other’s lives and wow what lives we live. Let’s just say I didn’t think I would be hearing about someone sewing a man’s fingers back on after an accident, or that I would be preparing to ride (read: watch others ride) in a 100ish mile bike ride supporting the less fortunate.  We were regaled with singing, played an epic game of Celebrity and did a LOT of late night dancing in the dark. I would go on and on, but I guess pictures will have to say the remaining thousand words.

Special shout out of course to KP for being the Robin to my Batman (though we aren’t in ANY pictures together.. IJS)

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