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SRL Things You Should Know: Sudan Crisis

Hi Lovebugs,

I apologize for the delay on this post but this is one that I have been wanting to share for the last week. I know we have been seeing lots of posts about the tourists dying in Dominican Republic and the speculation around the causes. And while the intrigue is going to be a lifetime movie (or true crime documentary), there is another pressing situation that has been going virtually under the radar for the last few months.

So here is a post with all that I know about the massacre in the Sudan. I was able to have lunch with one of my coworker/sisterfriends to give me more insight into the crisis. I felt so blessed for her willingness to do the emotional work, as she is a Sudanese immigrant and her mother is actually there now.

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Chapter 3: Toni

“Father God if you get me out of the situation alive, I swear I will be in the front pew of Mount Moriah next week. You know I would have been there today but I was trying to be a good Christian and help my sister in her time of need. Amen” I prayed to myself on the way to get in the car. Yes I might have a trash mouth but I was raised in the church and I knew who to call on in my time of need. Now the fact that I should have taken my ass home with Sinclair was beside the point. Right?

When I got to the car, the mystery man opened the door of his big body black on black Audi so I could get in. Closing the door behind me, he walked over to the other side of his car, sparking a blunt. We drove in silence for what felt like an eternity. John Coltrane oozed through his speakers. My dad had been a big Coltrane fan when I was a kid, so I would recognize it anywhere. The mix of the music and weed smoke calmed my whole body down. I found myself drumming my fingers and humming along to myself.

I took a chance to look at my hero. How did I miss how sexy he was? Dressed in a black v-neck shirt and dark navy true religion jeans, he kept his jewelry simple with a single diamond stud in his ear and a watch with a few more diamonds on his wrist. It wasn’t too much, but it did glitter under the lights as we drove down the street.  He had dark chocolate skin, with a beautiful full beard that seemed soft to the touch. I let my eyes wander up to his full pink lips as he took another pull of his blunt, I was stuck. I was so caught up I didn’t realize those lips turning up into a smirk as he caught me staring. I looked up into his deep brown eyes, and quickly looked away in embarrassment trying to hide my face. I couldn’t even imagine what it looked like right now.

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Set it Right Sundays – #1 – Seeking and Capturing Peace

Happy Sunday (and of course more specifically — Happy Mother’s Day).

I was going to write a post about my mother… then I was going to write a post about the debacle I had with Proflowers over Jai’s mother’s flowers… then I was going to write about my own current journey trying to conceive…

Obviously by the title and the picture of me covered in bubbles none of those happened.

Today is all about seeking and capturing peace.

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It’s a Take A Village To Live the SRL

Good morning Lovebugs,

I am up bright and early this morning overcome with a sense of gratitude. No this is not a gushy post about my partner, this one is a shout out to all the women in my sister circle that are helping make me better every single day.

For a second, I was going to list them by name but as you read the blog over time, you will get to know many of them so that didn’t seem to be the answer.

I will instead just give you a snippet of my morning and how two of them made an impact in my life from the moment I woke up.

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I’m Hungry…

Picture it Sicilly…

Ok I’m not sure why I just had this Golden Girls moment except for the fact that I am becoming delirious. Jai (the boo) and I are trying intermittent fasting… again.[1]

For those that don’t know what intermittent fasting is, here is the rundown as I know [2]

So first things first intermittent fasting is a life change not a diet. [3] . It is basically using your clock, instead of your calories, to set your eating plans and reach your weight loss goals. Sounds good eh? For someone like me that will eat when I am bored I think it will help. For Jai, it will help her be more focused on eating and be one less thing she has to figure out. Win Win right?

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