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A Love On Grand – Chapter 1: Sinclair

Is this dude really serious? See I would be wrong if I slapped the shit out of him. As I looked around the bedroom I shared with David, my man of the last 5 years, I couldn’t believe I was actually in this situation. I was hoping something would happen and I would wake up out of this crazy ass nightmare but there was absolutely nothing that could erase my reality.

As I walked into the living room and saw his dumb ass sitting there with the nerve to have tears in his eyes, I shook my head to stop my rage. All the times that I sat there waiting and praying that he came home in one piece. All the times I begged him to spend quality time with me, and now he wants to cry? I guess he finally realized that I was not EVER coming back. It only took 3 little… no 3 BIG ASS letters. S T D. This asshole gave me CHLAMYDIA!  When that fake Facebook account inboxed me that I should get myself checked out, I was shocked. I wanted to ignore it and chalk it up to it being one of the scandalous hoes that had been chasing him for years, but something told me that this was some something to follow up on. A trip to planned parenthood and it was confirmed my dude had a dirty ass dick.

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Chapter 4: Damien

As I watched Antoinette lay there with her mouth open drooling on my expensive ass sheets I couldn’t do anything but smile. She looked so content as if just a few hours ago some fuck nigga wasn’t putting his hands on her. Just thinking about it again made me want to find him and introduce him to what the shed is really for.  I know I inflict pain on people for a living but what he did was some weak shit. Looking at her bruised face, I knew if it ever came to it I would kill anyone that ever tried to hurt her again.

I saw how beautiful she was when walked in the door with her home girl. I made a mental note to step to her eventually until I saw that little scene she made.To be honest, when I first saw that shit going down I was going to let it ride. Women need to learn to stop jumping up in men’s faces on some rah rah shit. But when I heard the bartender calling up Money K saying those girls were his family I slid into action. We had been making money a long time so I couldn’t let nothing happen to them. If she would have called earlier, I would have deaded that shit before his punk ass even bucked. Hell by the time I got over there K’s sister was fucking old boy up. I had planned to just move them out of the way until K came but when I saw Toni trying to fight back her tears that unleashed the Devil. I am glad I didn’t have to call the cleanup crew because I know that would have meant I had to kill that bitch he was with too. I just got back in town and I didn’t want to have to dead folks for free.

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Chapter 3: Toni

“Father God if you get me out of the situation alive, I swear I will be in the front pew of Mount Moriah next week. You know I would have been there today but I was trying to be a good Christian and help my sister in her time of need. Amen” I prayed to myself on the way to get in the car. Yes I might have a trash mouth but I was raised in the church and I knew who to call on in my time of need. Now the fact that I should have taken my ass home with Sinclair was beside the point. Right?

When I got to the car, the mystery man opened the door of his big body black on black Audi so I could get in. Closing the door behind me, he walked over to the other side of his car, sparking a blunt. We drove in silence for what felt like an eternity. John Coltrane oozed through his speakers. My dad had been a big Coltrane fan when I was a kid, so I would recognize it anywhere. The mix of the music and weed smoke calmed my whole body down. I found myself drumming my fingers and humming along to myself.

I took a chance to look at my hero. How did I miss how sexy he was? Dressed in a black v-neck shirt and dark navy true religion jeans, he kept his jewelry simple with a single diamond stud in his ear and a watch with a few more diamonds on his wrist. It wasn’t too much, but it did glitter under the lights as we drove down the street.  He had dark chocolate skin, with a beautiful full beard that seemed soft to the touch. I let my eyes wander up to his full pink lips as he took another pull of his blunt, I was stuck. I was so caught up I didn’t realize those lips turning up into a smirk as he caught me staring. I looked up into his deep brown eyes, and quickly looked away in embarrassment trying to hide my face. I couldn’t even imagine what it looked like right now.

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Chapter 2: Joy

“Hey handsome”

“Why the fuck aren’t you at the house, Joyce Michelle?” Kevin’s voice rang in my ear.

I looked at the phone. Oh shit, the first and middle name? I am in trouble.

“I’m out for a little bit baby” I whined into the phone.

“Out where? For fuckin what? Do I hear niggas in the background?” Kevin hollered with enough bass that I almost jumped in my car and took my ass home.


“Joy stop playing with me. If you can Huh you can hear.”

“Toni called me and said little sis needed me so I am meeting them at Fox lounge for a few minutes. I would have said no because my man doesn’t want me to leave the house like that without him, but I know how much you love your sister and would want me to be there for her in her time of need”. I rattled my words off as fast I could, hoping that he only heard the part about loving his sister and definitely nothing about me going to Fox lounge.


“Baby I am fine. The baby is fine. Your sister needs me. I won’t be out long. I love you.”


Hell if I am already going to have to hear his mouth about leaving the house, I might as well hear it about hanging up on his ass too. If I thought that leaving the house would put my baby at risk I would have been holed up like damn Rapunzel but that just wasn’t the case. I was going to sit at a bar on a stool and listen to my sister in law tell me about her no good ass man. I don’t understand why she stayed with his ass anyway. He was sneaky as hell. He had what my grandma called women’s tendencies. I wish my boo would just let his ass go. But what can I say? She will know when she had enough.

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