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#SuperGayMovie Review: Leave it on The Floor #lgbtfilm #gayfilm

LiotF Leave It On The Floor, by Sheldon Larry, explores the underground ball scene in Los Angeles in the form of a gay musical.

Say what girl? A gay musical?

IF you’re like me, you’re thinking, “Aren’t all musicals gay?” Well this is one Super Gay Musical, complete with drag houses, vogue dance battles and a boy on boy modern dance number.

E Gads! Continue reading #SuperGayMovie Review: Leave it on The Floor #lgbtfilm #gayfilm

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Cloudburst (2011)

cloudburstPlane tickets and online shopping are keeping me in the house this weekend (kidding…not kidding). So with a click on a mouse, I renewed my Netflix membership (which doesn’t count as shopping) and opened a new world of LGBT films.

Gearing up for my first taste of this year’s Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival tomorrow, I decided to watch some film festival darlings.

Of course, I picked the movie that I had been ignoring on Amazon Prime for the last two months (don’t judge me). I am so glad I did. I immediately fell in love with Cloudburst staring Olympia Dukakis, Ryan Douchette, and Brenda Fricker.

Cloudburst-2Plot Snapshot: After 30 years together, partners run off to Canada to after one’s overzealous family member tries to split them apart. Continue reading Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Cloudburst (2011)

Level Ground Film Festival (Pasadena) – The world’s first faith-based LGBT film festival

This is another bit of information that was shared with us. We are passing it along to those who may be interested. We are not affiliated with them whatsoever.

Drawing  its name from the Bible, specifically Isaiah 40:3-5– the Level Ground film festival, bills itself as “the world’s first faith-based LGBT film festival”. In its second year, the 11 day festival will bring panels, screenings, talks and social events to various small Pasadena venues now through March 1st.

The mission of the festival according to their website is:

Level Ground uses art to create safe space for dialogue about faith, gender, and sexuality. Our hope is to cultivate a better way of speaking with one another across our differences and disagreements. Level Ground is becoming a national innovator in film festival programming, art curation, and dialogue.


Want tickets, more information, or to find out about Level Ground’s goings on? Check them out here.

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: A Perfect Ending [A Love Story]

A-PERFECT-ENDING-PosterThis weekend turned out to be a comedy of errors. The LGBT book club meeting I was intending on attending was canceled. I broke my phone on the way to the LGBT Youth fundraiser that I also intended to attend and was too pissed to make it to. My friend circle pulled a no show, aside from one, at our rock climbing get together, totally last minute.

Just foolishness and f*ckery all over the place.

So I decided to crack open a bottle of Barefoot Wine’s Sweet Red, pull up Netflix, and rest my nerves until work tomorrow. The movie I selected, after trying very hard never to watch it, was Nicole Conn‘s A Perfect Ending.

I have refrained from seeing the movie for several reasons, mostly because the people I knew that had seen it…didn’t love it. I didn’t want to not love it . Especially since the lovely Jessica Clark of True Blood fame, and a friend in my head as she hosted Her Winter Party 2013, was the star.

Plot Snapshot: Socialite with a secret, meets prostitute with a heart of gold… and they fall in love.

Before I get into the actual movie review, within 7 minutes of watching the film I found out that I might just have a type. I have decided that my next girlfriend will be at least 5-10 years older than me, and butch in the white sense of the word. I have figured out that I don’t like studs… in the black sense of the word. I could get into what exactly I mean but this is not the time or the place.

Ok… I didn’t love the movie. I actually fast forwarded through several parts of the film once I got to the halfway mark. I knew I shouldn’t have watched it. It hit every lesbian love story archetype that annoys me. The “bad” husband that either misunderstands or mistreats his “devoted” wife who was trying to make it work. The “unattainable” temptress who the heroine tries so hard not too fall in love with. But of course…. love happens (yes the love that usually happens within a week’s worth of sex). It is by this love that the heroine is set free, the bad husband is vanquished, and they live happily ever after or at least the last 20 minutes of the movie.

I get it… I’m just over it.  I want a different kind of love story. I want both women to be single and available when they meet. I WANT THEM BOTH TO KNOW THAT THEY LIKE WOMEN!!!! I want them to have the normal issues that affect new relationships, hell I’ll take a manipulative ex girlfriend plot over a husband plot any day. I want them to have character outside of their central story. I want plot options… why can’t lesbian love stories have subplots???

I think I will stick to writing reviews of documentaries… or I know I will end up just copying this post and changing titles every week.

Am I wrong? Tell me I’m wrong. Any movie suggestions?

Since we are talking about prostitutes.. did you guys read my old lesbian monologue-ish piece called Pussy Sells.. take a look. Oh and there are three parts to it. *shrugs*

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Venus Boyz (2002) [Documentary]


I didn’t intend on writing two reviews this week but I am being forced to keep my mind off of the obnoxious work environment that I am being subjected to (hopefully for only a short time longer).

My pain = your pleasure, as I am now able to review Venus Boyz, the documentary by Gabriel Baur. As with Out Late, this documentary came to us courtesy of the lovely folks at Netflix. (Courtesy is too strong of a word as I pay them every month).

Before I screw up the definition of a drag king for those that don’t know, I will quote our good friends of Wikipedia:

Drag Kings are mostly female performance artists who dress in masculine drag and personify malegender stereotypes as part of their routine

Plot Snapshot:

Venus Boyz documents the stories of WAY TOO MANY DAMN drag kings.

When I pulled up the film profile, Netflix tried to warn me by saying that I had given it a 2 star rating. I figured it was the ex-girlfriend because I didn’t remember ever actually watching it. Knowing she isn’t the biggest fan of documentaries I decided to keep watching. An hour and a half of my life later… it was definitely a 2.

Ok. I liked the premise of the documentary. I have a thing for drag kings. Even while watching the documentary I was “engaged” (read: turned on) by the uber-hot cover girl Mildred/Dred. BUT there is definitely such thing as too damn much of a good thing.

After the first four or five subjects they showcased, I was over it. I couldn’t even force myself to seem like I cared about the rest of them. I think in a desire to be all inclusive, the true power of the documentary for me was diluted.

This was a documentary best suited for those in academia maybe… or those really really really into the topic matter. I respect it being a trailblazer of sorts, but I will probably never watch it again.  Has anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

Super Gay Pride Month of Movies : Musicals, Madness and Marches. Oh, my!

fruitLet me just say that this past June was The Best Pride Month, ever!
The premier, premium LGBT network, here!, was free for the entire month. I’d never watched here! before so, I was super psyched to see that they had Half Share, Alec Mapa’s newish sitcom. Let me just say that it’s over the top, crass and everything else this girl loves in a good show, perfect for a super gay afternoon with the ladies.  I tried a few other things on here! but it wasn’t my taste. The drag variety show “She Lives For This” is cool if one doesn’t expect too much, however; Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads gave me and the missus both raging headaches. So much for here!, I’m over it.

I did enjoy a cute little indie flick called Fruit Fly. It was basically about a Filipino performance artist who moves to San Francisco to put on a show but meets some cool people and has an adventure. Oh! It’s also a musical. The story was sorta simple but the movie was kinda convoluted which made it hard to understand at times. It’s so darned cute though! I liked it but strongly suggest having a few glasses of wine with the show.

My better half and I managed to squeeze one more Super Gay Movie before months end, Mr. Right, imported from England right to our television.  Mr. Right is an assemble piece like He’s Just Not That Into You or Love Actually but with lots and lots of boys who like boys. The story is introduced by the token girl of the posse, Louise. She has just been dumped by a man she met through a dating service…for a man. Her friends are all beautiful, gay men who’re dealing with drama in their lives and her sexually ambiguous boyfriend is loving every minute of it. Skip the wine when watching this one. This movie requires lots and lots of caffeine. It is british, after all but worth watching and loads of fun.

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: The Kids Are Alright.

thekidsarealright3I’m starting to really like mainstream lesbian movies. I know, right? Crazy.

My cable provider was kind enough to add a Gay and Lesbian category to their lineup. Naturally I was delighted! Their line up is pretty awesome, too. I was scrolling through and came across quite a few old favorites. This girl wanted some new stimuli so, an unseen flick was in order. The Kids Are Alright stars Julianne Moore and Annette Benning as a married lesbian couple with two children who want to meet their sperm donor.…that’s gay enough to spark my interest.

This movie is funny, endearing, realistic and beautiful. Most times I avoid the word beautiful when referring to movies. It’s grates the nerves kinda like when chefs describe their food as sexy. What’s that all about…lol. This time though, beautiful is appropriate.

Mark Ruffalo is perfect as the seemingly cool donor dad. He shines like John Travolta’s fresh suit in Saturday Night Fever. He even has a hot girlfriend, remember Ya Ya from America’s Top Model? Yep. They have sexy little love scene. I loved it. Can you see my naughty grin?

Lisa Cholodenko is an amazing director. I was happy to see her name pop up on screen. She directed High Art back in the day and I still love that movie.