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Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Itty Bitty Titty Committee [2007]

l_496328_690e1fb2Oh. My. Goddess.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee is AWESOME. Jamie Babbit has done it again. Not only does she have an openly lesbian Latina with a supportive family as the lead character but, the movie manages to transcend ‘gayness’ to be a perfectly delightful coming of age story.

Anna has been dumped by her girlfriend, rejected by the college she applied to attend and her perfect sister’s marrying the perfect guy. Everything Sucks! As she’s leaving work one night, Anna catches a woman spray painting the window. It’s love at first sight…sort of.  Enter Sadie. Sadie introduces Anna to the world of guerilla feminism by way of her organization, C (I) A, Clits in Action.

Melonie Diaz is perfect as Anna. She goes from a boring wallflower to a full-fledged extremist with such ease. I love that this movie isn’t Anna’s coming out story. We’ve seen that a million times. What happens after coming out? Is there another hurdle? For Anna, she grows from a shy young girl into a firebrand femi-nazi…and we love watching the journey.

Many of the characters are played by lesbian icons like supermodel Jenny Shimizu (swoon!) and Daniela Sea of The L Word. Clea DuVall and Melanie Lynsky from Babbit’s fun filled hit “But I’m a Cheerleader” also make appearances. Jamie Babbit ROCKS. So does the soundtrack for Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Chick Punk and Lots of subversive rock liven up the scene, providing a perfect backdrop for Anna’s teen angst.

SEE THIS MOVIE! I love it. I love Jamie Babbit. This one gets Two Snaps and a Bucket of Spicy Tofu.

Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: 20 Centimeters

twenty_centimetersI awoke from a dream.

A dream full of music and dancing, Fashionistas and Rossy de Palma pulling tricks on dark, damp Madrid streets. A dream of girls with a little something extra. Bunnies bouncing in the city’s alleyways.


Was it all a dream?

No. It was a movie. Two hours worth of 20 Centimeters… and every bit of it is Fabulous.

Director Ramon Salazar draws us into the world of Marieta, a narcoleptic girl with big dreams and an even bigger penis. After finally saving up the money to have her pesky polla removed, she falls in love with the beautiful man who fell in love with her 20 centimeters. What’s a girl to do?

This movie has everything. Narcoleptic tranny hookers. Fierce song and dance numbers. Steamy girl-on-boy-with-boy car sex. Everything a Super Gay movie should have…and then some!

Monica Cervera is amazing as Marieta. She is also amazing as Adolfo… Marieta’s boy side, when necessary. She dances her way into your heart, both with her delicious stems and with her ability to breathe life into her larger than life character. Although I initially picked up this movie because I saw Rossy de Palma’s name in the credits (Big Gay Fan over here!), after watching the first half hour, it was Marieta who stole the show.

This movie is perfect for a date night with your super gay sweetie…unless you have a problem with girl on boy action. Wait, let that soak in a bit… I find a little role reversal to be sexy. Hopefully you will too because this movie is really, really good.

Now….next week, Girl Play. I can’t wait! I Love playing with girls.

Introducing…Crystal’s Guide to Super Gay Movies!

38574_1559417426616_7136249_nHi! I’m Crystal Jaudon, your new ultra gay movie reviewer. I LOVE Gay Movies! Join me on this adventure in playland and you will definitely enjoy the trip. We will talk about all manner of super gay film: documentaries, romance, urban drama and even some indie underground random web gayness when we’re feeling gritty (not porn… unless it’s tasteful!). But, before we get to the fun, I guess I should explain what qualifies me to be an ultra gay… movie reviewer?

Girl, what is the T?!

Well, I’m a little ol’ country gal, born right smack dab in the middle of the forest hills of Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up when rappers wore make up (openly ^-^) and pink leather suits. When men, even the straight ones, were comfortable in skirts and women in suits and ties didn’t raise eyebrows.

My first ultra gay movie was a musical as musicals were acceptable Victor_Victoria_posterat Casa de Jaudon. I think it was Victor Victoria, a classic style musical with one hell of a twist! I felt some affinity for Julie Andrews, the woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. The first musical I’d ever seen that truly summed up my life! Finally, someone I could identify with. My Mormon father and Pentacostal mother couldn’t have been more delighted…that I agreed to keep my new obsession relatively quiet and not mention this fact to the neighbors.

I attended Georgia State University where I officially graduated with a Bachelors in History. Unofficially, I focused these formative years on earning my “masters” in queer studies and politics. I began my prerequisites in my major of choice at Cinefest, formerly known as The Lyceum, our campus theatre. Cinefest always went all out for the underground. It was the venue of my awakening to gay cinema. It was where I learned about Stonewall, Maude’s and all forms of iconic gayness. I also saw my first official lesbian movie, Go Fish, on the big screen there. And it served as the spot where I anxiously watched the progress of Rose Troche and the L Word crew as they used that movie to springboard their careers.

go_fish_ver2Gay movies have played a pivotal role in my development throughout the course of my life. Now that I am a mom, movies about same sex parenting get much play on my small screen. Most notably, Rosie O’Donnell’s really powerful film on her experiences on a gay family cruise through the Caribbean. Good Stuff.

Gay movies have helped to anchor my identity, boost my self-esteem, prepare me for the world inside and outside of my family, and make me laugh, cry, long and love. They are a part of my journey. I am hoping that this column will make them a more fulfilling part of yours.

Coming Soon: The Skinny

I just finished running around my bedroom hollering “Hallelujah”… no I’m still on my 6 calorie workout plan but this is nearly as good…. ok maybe not. Before I go on a tangent (which we know tends to happen), the reason I am excited is that Patrik-Ian Polk of Noah’s Arc and Punks fame is finally coming out with a new feature film “The Skinny”.

I know we have been hearing rumblings about this project for the last two years but the trailer has been released today. For those of us who still religiously watch Noah’s Arc reruns, this is the fix that we have been feening for. From the looks of the trailer, The Skinny is full of the witty, BEAUTIFUL, and, charismatic black gay men and women (yes I said WOMEN) in the fashion we have come to expect from a Polk film. I am so excited for this to come out. And I know you are too. Check out the trailer below.

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