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Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Imagine Me and You

imaginemeyouOl Parker’s film, Imagine Me and You , is a romantic comedy which sticks to the formula. Is it Oscar worthy? Not really but watching Lena Headley (sexy British, Game of Thrones and 300 lady) huff about, glowing with the heat of sexual frustration…well, that is enough to make this movie a winner!

Piper Perabo, who plays the bride Rachel, is her usual likeable and non-threatening self. Lena Headley (le sigh), plays Luce, the florist hired for the wedding. They make eye contact across the aisles of the ceremony and both are visibly shaken. I won’t give it away but let’s just say it’s love at first sight.

Looking for something cute and non-offensive for date night? Imagine Me and You is a good choice.