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Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: The Kids Are Alright.

thekidsarealright3I’m starting to really like mainstream lesbian movies. I know, right? Crazy.

My cable provider was kind enough to add a Gay and Lesbian category to their lineup. Naturally I was delighted! Their line up is pretty awesome, too. I was scrolling through and came across quite a few old favorites. This girl wanted some new stimuli so, an unseen flick was in order. The Kids Are Alright stars Julianne Moore and Annette Benning as a married lesbian couple with two children who want to meet their sperm donor.…that’s gay enough to spark my interest.

This movie is funny, endearing, realistic and beautiful. Most times I avoid the word beautiful when referring to movies. It’s grates the nerves kinda like when chefs describe their food as sexy. What’s that all about…lol. This time though, beautiful is appropriate.

Mark Ruffalo is perfect as the seemingly cool donor dad. He shines like John Travolta’s fresh suit in Saturday Night Fever. He even has a hot girlfriend, remember Ya Ya from America’s Top Model? Yep. They have sexy little love scene. I loved it. Can you see my naughty grin?

Lisa Cholodenko is an amazing director. I was happy to see her name pop up on screen. She directed High Art back in the day and I still love that movie. 

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots Around Town: @HerWinterParty and @Pandoraevents present Industry

@PandoraEvents did it again! Industry, the Saturday night dance party of Her Winter Party 2013 was CRAZY! Lovely ladies, go-go dancers and a tight DJ set kept you moving all night. Official event photos and video are rolling out soon, but we have a sneak peak for you.

Yep, we got it like that…. well that and Crys J took them.

For more Her Winter Party pictures, check them out on Facebook here.

To keep up with the HOT Pandora events coming up, check them out here.

Shout out to DJ LaTrice for doing her thing!

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@HerWinterParty was amazing… Way too amazing to blog like we said

photo (12)See what had happened was…

Yes it is true, anytime a black lesbian woman person says “See what had happened was” an excuse/lie is not too far away.

As my inability to go three seconds without a yawn should tell you, Her Winter Party, the women’s events of the Winter Party Festival was the best lezzie time I have had in a longgggg time.

And yes I have to make that distinction even though this might have edged out Art Basel in my heart.

In the next few posts we will be sharing some of the event highlights, but there were some personal standout moments to me that I want to kick off the posts with:

* Being commended by Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and ACTUAL superlesbian, for the increased attendance and diversity of lesbians this year.

* Getting to chat with the lovely guys of the Paul and Matty show about Her Winter Party, giving voice to the lesbian community and how important safe sex is to us as well as the boys.  I can’t wait to share a clip with you guys. (That’s if they leave me in the final audio ha!)

*Partying up poolside with my friends (old and new), my Mrs.,  and the lovely and TALL Jessica Clark  (and yes this link goes directly to her calendar — Yes ma’am).

I am sure I will say this again but I am very very very very very proud to have worked with such an amazing group of people and I can’t wait until we PARTY WITH A PURPOSE again next year! Even though my swollen feet, the Mrs.’ concussion (don’t ask) and my aversion to paying 25.00 a night to park a car I didn’t drive might disagree.

Shoutouts to Lisa, Marivi, Ingrid, Cliffie, Kathy, Yesi of Pandora Events, Lynn of Icandee Events, Amy, Crystal, Znario, Mayren and…  EVERY LOVELY LADY THAT I MET THIS WEEKEND!

Trust me there are more posts..videos…and photos to come (for real this time).

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots Around Town: @HerWinterParty Runway Show

Kudos to the @HerWinterParty team for putting on an amazing kickoff event on Wednesday. Set at the gorgeous Miami Beach Botanical Gardens, it was a wonderful night of Grey Goose martinis, yummy bites from Chilis (I obviously have been selling them short) and GORGEOUS women. It was definitely the right start for the Her Winter Party festivities next month. I am already getting my outfits together. (Don’t judge me.)

Oh and for full disclosure purposes I am on the Her Winter Party committee… though I had nothing to do with the planning on this event.

ALL PICTURES WERE TAKEN WITH MY TRUSTY IPHONE Except for the ones I “borrowed” from the amazing Steve rothaus

Check out Her Winter Party on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/herwinterparty

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Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots Around Town: Chivas 1801 Club

Thanks to the @ChivasRegalUS team for inviting us to their Chivas 1801 Club event in Wynwood District last month. It was an amazing night of fine cigars, conversation and Chivas tastings with their staff. If you have the chance to attend any of their events it is a definite treat. Oh and yes I was serving British Bobby realness for the kids!

All pictures were taken with my trusty iPhone

Follow Chivas Regal on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ChivasRegal

Do We Love It: Capriccio @capricciodoral

Cannelloni di Spinaci e Ricotta
Cannelloni di Spinaci e Ricotta


9551 Northwest 41st Street

Doral, FL 33178 (Not too far from Dolphin Mall)

Menu Choices:

Paninis, Salads, and AMAZING Italian entrees (like Cannelloni di Spinaci e Ricotta pictured). For the coffee lovers among us, they serve Segafredo coffee. Score!

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Keep Your Dollar: Give Me Your Ear – 2012 AIDSWalk Miami

Okay so I already told you all that I am going to get my Superlesbian on and walk in the 5K Aids Walk Miami this year. Go me! (… as long as I don’t pass out that is.)

Whether you make it rain (or drizzle) on my goal or not I want you to know some facts that I recently learned about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Florida.

Thanks to Joe from Care Resource  for reminding me of some things I did know and hipping me to some that I didn’t.

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