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10 Things to Know About (@MGLFF edition) :Director Campbell X (@CampbellX) and Cast of @StudLifeMovie

As you can see the K Word is in full Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival effect. There are a lot of great films and documentaries showing this year but we are extremely excited about the MGLFF premiere of Stud Life directed by Campbell X.

We were honored to be able to e-chat with the director and cast of this amazing film for our latest edition of 10 Things to Know About.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets before they are sold out here. We are actually meeting for drinks after the viewing for an impromptu roundtable. Meet us there?
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@MGLFF 2013 – Kristi’s Must See Pick – @StudLifeMovie Directed by @CampbellX

I have been stalking following the director and this film for many moons! I haven’t had the oppurtunity to see it before so this viewing will indeed be a treat. A group of us are going to make a night of this, so I will definitely include their insights in my review. ~ K


Campbell Ex

United Kingdom


84 mins

Sun Apr 28 at 08:00PM

Miami Beach Cinematheque
1130 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach



The urban London scene is explored through the eyes of JJ, a hot British stud and her gay best friend, Seb. As JJ falls for a provocative diva her friendship with Seb is challenged. It is a story of friendship, love, betrayal and balance all against the backdrop of the grit of the city.