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Super Gay TV Review of the Week: The Fosters

ABC-Family-The-FostersAlthough my Monday nights have been dutifully dedicated to Defiance since RuPaul closed up for the summer (lol…), I have found a show so super gay and awesome that I decided to share it with the whole gay world. I love The Fosters! It’s really the best thing since sliced foie gras.

Lena and Stef are a lesbian couple who are raising Stef’s biological son with their mutually adopted younger twins.  The Uhaulin’ scenario reaches completion when they rescue two needy children from foster care raising the kid count to five. It’s a multi-ethnic love fest!

I love that the show addresses the issues of Stef and Lena’s reality as an interracial, lesbian couple but doesn’t make those issues the driving force behind the plot. This is the story of two middle class parents with a house full  of kids, mostly teenagers, and the issues surrounding modern child rearing. As a mother, I love that they live in a town small enough for the parents to catch the kids doing dirt. I also love that, with one mom as a cop and the other as the school vice principal, they are in position to do a good bit of the catching! Finally, I love the fact that the writers are not promoting a strict butch-femme dichotomy.   It all seems so…Awesomely normal.

Take a gander and let me know what you think.  I’m already a fan after four episodes.  I wonder how many it will take for you?