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Why I USED TO Support ALL Black LGBT films…

secondary title: “Why I am afraid to see Pariah”

Ok I have been trying to think about how to say this delicately for a while… but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.

Now I have always been a FUBU lesbian, (no not this FUBU) by which I mean I have always tried to support LGBT endeavors when it came to the arts/film. I was always championing “our voice” and applauding “our choices of expression”… but umm er uh I might have to let that thought process go.
It really only hit me this weekend when I watched a highly¬†anticipated¬†movie by one of my favorite creative black directors and found myself feeling some kind of way. This director in particular has helped create some of my favorite recent LGBT (and non-LGBT) cinematic experiences. Let’s just say I was pumped to see it… and then I saw it.