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Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Tomboy


Have you ever watched a movie that just put you in a weird space? Ok. It’s happened to me more than
once when watching gay European movies. Not because I prefer happy gayness…but because I just need
a little more dialogue and a little less drab. It is a good movie if you’re into the austere.

Tomboy by French writer and director Celine Sciamma is an excellent character study. The story is about
Laure, a ten year old transgender boy. Laure’s family moves to a new neighborhood and she uses this
opportunity to be Mikael. We get to see Mikael assimilating, coming into his own as an adolescent male.
Laure/Mikael has an opportunity that many young transgendered people don’t. I love everything about
this movie…and yet, I’m still unclear as to whether I like it or not.

My girlfriend thinks it’s a boy thing. It definitely felt masculine. The stoic feel Mikael exudes. Laure’s
parents are good people. They’re a loving family. Yet, Mikael has to exist outside this dynamic. The little
sister is happy being co-conspirator and even enjoys having a sister who’s really a brother. This is a well-
adjusted movie about a well-adjusted transgender child. I should be happy, right?

Well…it is an interesting movie. Tomboy is definitely not a fun date movie but worth a look.