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Campus PRIDE: How does your school rank? #LGBT #GoGators

campusprideindexWondering how LGBT friendly your current university (or alumni university) is? Well, now you can see how your school rates in comparison to other schools, both locally and nationally.

CampusClimateIndex.org assesses schools on how LGBT-friendly they are, based on eight factors: LGBT policy inclusion, LGBT support and institutional commitment, LGBT academic life, LGBT student life, LGBT housing, LGBT campus safety, LGBT counseling & health, and LGBT recruitment and retention efforts. Schools are then assigned a rating between one and five stars.

According to the website, the index is designed to assist campuses in becoming more LGBT-friendly, and to improve the quality of life for LGBT students and their allies. Schools that achieve a five-star rating set the national standard, or have the highest quality of life.

gator-alliesAnd with that being said…. Go Gators! Of the Florida schools ranked, University of Florida had the highest ranking with a 4.5 on the 5 point scale. For more details on that score you can find it here.

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