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Getting my servalite on: National Day of Service

600_196707792Yesterday was a servalite’s Super Bowl. President Obama called for a National Day of Service to kick off the inauguration ceremonies and honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There were service projects ranging from storm relief to serving at shelters to helping military families arranged in local communities across all 50 states. How freaking amazing is that!

For those who are scrunching your faces like this is familiar, yes, he started the day of service back in 2009.

For my part, I linked up with the Presidential Inauguration Committee to help clean up local Miami Dade parks. The park that I helped clean up was the West Perrine Park, which though I lived 10 minutes away from I had never visited. It was am amazing experience. There were people from all walks of life, young and old, black and white. We served, we laughed and all left with a uplifted feeling (and slightly exhausted).

On a personal note, while I was there I saw some sisters of my mother’s sorority. They reminded me that I have been in service all my life.  From serving food to the hungry to making easter egg hunts for needy children, I love my mother for instilling the spirit in me. I was also introduced to the folks of the Miami Dolphins Special Team organization as well. If you are in the Miami area and are looking for opportunities to volunteer, check them out here.

Did any of you get your serve on? I would love to see pictures or hear stories. Tweet me @kristiweb.