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Celezbrities Out and About: Wanda Sykes (@iamwandasykes) starring in Fast and the Furious 13?


No.. not really.

Wanda joined other celebrities for the 37th annual Toyota Grand Prix celebrity race this past weekend.

Each year during the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach,Toyota hosts a celebrity race alongside the real racing for a good cause. This year, the event will raise more than $100,000 for “Racing for Kids,” a national organization that benefits children’s hospitals in Southern California, and create $20,000 for other charities.

Photos: Ganked from random websites… *shrugs*

AfterOprah.com? Not Happening.– Outing Black Lesbian Celebrities

oprah-and-gayle-hollywood-gossipFirst let me say I am sorry that I haven’t written much (if anything) in the last two weeks. My stepfather succumbed to pneumonia (after a lengthy decline) on February 16… Thank you for the thoughts and sentiments I received from those that knew about it.

Now back to the regularly scheduled K Word.

I’m sure you all think I am always writing about the black lesbian community more than the lesbian community as a whole… and this won’t change your mind. shrugs

Oprah. Whitney. Queen Latifah. Alicia Keys. Missy Elliot. Beyonce. What do these ladies have in common?

They are all powerful and successful women of color AND I have heard “secret lesbian” rumors about all of them in the last month… Okay maybe not Missy Elliot but that’s only because she hasn’t dropped a CD in a while.

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