Is This Still On?

I am getting back to the things that used to make me happy. For those who met me from my days at The K Word the answer is simple, blogging is one of my happy places. So I am planning to add this to me life-ation [1], right along with intermittent fasting…. yep there is a blog coming about that. In order to get my juices flowing I am also going to include the book I wrote (oh yeah I wrote a book) and release chapters every week [2] . Just a heads up it is very NSFW, heteronormative for the most part and…I hope you love it as much as I do.

Ok. That’s all I got. I am putting up chapter one now.

Ok I lied… that’s not all I got. For those inquiring minds that want to know… or the people that click the link in the menu up top… my etsy shop is closed. I kinda got burnt out and the reason that I started making them in the first place got lost. Don’t worry there is definitely more Sew Right Journals in the future but for right now I am concentrating on my life.

Ok. That’s all I got for real this time.

… Damn I am a liar for real. For those wondering why I didn’t just keep going with the K Word don’t fret my lovebugs I am still super gay and super opinionated I just wanted to move into a new chapter of my life and cutting my hair off wasn’t cutting it [3]. Shout out to my old team and contributors… most of whom I don’t speak to anymore… I got to do better. [4]

Alright alright drops mic





[1] Life rotation… yep that’s a thing. Well a thing I just made up..

[2] Or when I am too lazy and/or caught up to write new blog posts… ain’t no future in fronting

[3] Though I did shave my head last weekend…

[4] *picks mic back up* To all the folks I don’t fool with anymore… some of you I miss.


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