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If you read this, you already know the details but if not.

I make one-of-a-kind, hand stitched journals and sketchbooks.

I also make custom orders and requests, which is super fun. If you are interested in that check the FAQs below.

Check out the available inventory below: (Please let me know if you want to buy multiple journals so I can combine shipping)

Cuba Club! Collection (click pic for Cuba Travel Tips and Cuba Travel Journals)


 Thank YouIMG_20150508_151302

I am so happy and grateful to say that thanks to my amazing supporters and customers I was able to donate 36 journals to the Lotus House Women’s Shelter of Miami, FL.

For ever journal I sold from the end of March to  April, I created an additional journal to donate. I didn’t tell anyone until after they bought them. It was just my way of passing the blessing that they had been to me, on to someone else. I think this will continue in the months to come.

Past Pieces That Have Been Created:

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