You Say They’re Just a Friend…

Hi Lovebugs,

Let me first say that I am completely taking this song out of context but it is one that is ringing in my ears.

Over the last two days, I have had an epitome. I need to re-cultivate friendships that I have let go.

I was having a conversation with Jai about the market for friendship speed dating when I had that ah-ha moment. Why in the world would I need to do something like that when I know and have known some really amazing people? I can count over a dozen folx without even thinking too hard. The problem isn’t finding people to be friends with, but sustaining those friendships. I really suck at that.

There are probably many reasons for that, especially my often unrealistic ideas of what friendship requires. I put more responsibility on my friends than my family.  It is exhausting for them. I know it is. And the most eye opening part is that for the large majority they have met that daunting task. Many of them have been there for me in ways that those I called lover or partner never have… and where are they now? Some are completely off my radar, others are teetering on the associate level, and even more of them have been relegated to the off hand like or comment on social media.


So I am going to make a concerted effort to rebuild as many of those real friendships as I can. I am sure most of these people have moved on with their lives and are living them Kristi-free just fine. But I hope that there is a little love for your girl left in their hearts and I also hope that my love for them makes their daily lives just a smidgen better.

I will let you all know how it goes.

Do any of you have friendships you miss? How do you show your friends they are appreciated? How many friends do you all have?

To like is superhuman, to comment is divine.

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