The Bougiest Thing I Ever Bought… on Amazon

Hi Lovebugs!

Today I am sharing with you the bougiest[1] thing that I have ever purchased… on Amazon. It isn’t even expensive, it’s just the fact that I bought it that makes me say… really girl?


So as you all know I have been really upping my skin care game. One of the things that I have fallen in love with are my sheet masks. I LOVE them.

Whenever I feel that my face needs a little extra, I throw on one of my sheet masks to give it some love and renewal. Depending on the mask, they have lots of different benefits from moisturizing to brightening and clarifying, and anti-aging.  I usually use three or four a week. I just bought a batch of booty ones that I CAN NOT WAIT to put on my tail.

Between Amazon and Ulta sales, I keep about 30 masks at a time in my stash. They range from .50 cents to $4 bucks a pop. I feel like every time an Ulta package comes, there is a mask or set of masks in it.  Safe to say, I am obsessed.

My sister April of Glamour Impulse had to pull me back from the ledge recently.  I was primed and ready to spend $95 US American Dollars for 6 masks (that’s $13 dollars each) from Sephora. If I had purchased them they would have definitely been the bougiest thing I have ever purchased but I didn’t.

This is the one I got. $39.99 on Amazon.

I did however purchase… a mini refrigerator… for my sheet masks… to put in my bathroom.


See what had happened was…

I was talking to one of my makeup artist freelancers at work about how I loved my new regimen and how proud I was for not buying those damn $95 dollar a box sheet masks. She remarked on how great my skin looks and then says, “There is nothing better than the feel of your sheet mask straight out of the fridge”.

Oh really? I have a fridge. I want that feeling.

But nooooo she just couldn’t let me be great with my new piece of information. She had to blow my mind by saying. “Oh no no no. Not your regular fridge, you just HAVE to get a mini fridge for your bathroom. You can keep your masks AND toners AND serums cool. They work best cool and the fridge make them last longer.” I thought she was just being extra because of her profession. I never fathomed this was a thing that people did. Then two more people on my team came chiming in that they just loooove their beauty fridges.[2] Oh so I’m late late.

A quick trip to Amazon later…

I now have a yellow (to match my bathroom tiles of course) mini fridge chock full of sheet masks, toner and even room for a small bottle of “adult beverage” to complete my luxury experience.

I know. I know. Before you roll your eyes, I used a refrigerated mask for the first time and I literally had a personal moment. The cold sheet hit my skin and I felt my toes curl.[3] I am sure it helped close my pores up and tighten my face a bit too.

So make me feel better, what is the bougiest thing that you have purchased on Amazon? Comment below.

[1]I know saying something is bougie makes it less bougie but work with me folks.

[2]Damn peer pressure.

[3]I will take my toe curls where I can get them. *shrugs*

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