Super Gay Movie of the Week: Boy Culture Directed by Q. Allan Brocka

l_433350_6f8108e5Have you ever seen a movie that reminded you of a bunch queens you knew back in college ? Oh, yea…hunti. Boy Culture is that movie.

2006 was a good year for gay moview and Boy Culture is one of my favorites! Remember Darryl Stephens who played Noah in Noah’s Arc? Yep. He’s in it, too…which is one of the reasons I just had to see this movie. He must be one heckuva versatile actor because he plays a top in Boy Culture.

You Go, Boy.

Directed by Q. Allen Brocka , who is also known for his Eating Out movies, Boy Culture is snide, cute and full of ultra trade. It’s the story of X, the professional gigolo. X allows us into his tawdry little world of tricks. We get to meet his two hot roomies and learn a little about what makes X tick. But, things get real when X has to deal with his very real attraction to two very different men, a client and a friend.

Boy Culture is so cute it makes you want to eat it! Not in that annoying, super Technicolor, self deprecating way that makes one want to retch. It’s irreverent, cool and a little bit funny. Definitely a must see.

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