A Love On Grand – Chapter 1: Sinclair

When I saw his car in the parking lot, I smiled to know that he was home. My original plan was to be waiting in bed for him when he got in but this would be an even bigger surprise. I went in the downstairs bathroom to change into my “I miss you” outfit. I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. I smoothed down my freshly flat ironed extensions, tucking them behind my ear. I slid on my new black VS lace bra so that my natural D cups sat up nice and perky. I swayed my wide hips from side to side practicing my dance of seduction for my man. I rubbed my stomach with my sun ripened raspberry lotion because it was his favorite scent on me. For a moment I wished I had bought the corset to go with my matching VS lace black thong. While I loved my body, I never completely got rid of my freshman 15s, but as good as I looked I knew my man wouldn’t mind. He loved to grip my full ass in his hands when he hit it from behind. The thought of him slapping my ass while grabbing my hair made my whole body shake. I gently ran my hand underneath the lace of my panty and felt my wetness slide against the tips of my fingers. My nipples began to harden against the lace of my bra and they threatened to slip out the top. Letting out a soft moan, I stuck my fingers in my mouth, ready to get everything I had been missing when I got upstairs to his room.

As I went up the stairs I heard David arguing as a woman was yellin about her being pregnant and him not being there for her when she went to have her abortion. I fell to the ground when I heard him say that he had given her the money to do it so that should have been enough. As I tried to drag my ass down the stairs with tears streaming down my face, the door opened and I was greeted by my boyfriend’s almost baby mama screaming in alarm. Once she took a look at my outfit her look of alarm turned into a scowl of recognition and hate.

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