Something Like A Super Lesbian: Lynne Brown

Lynne Browne is believed to be first openly-gay cabinet minister in Africa. She will serve as Minister of Public Enterprises.

The significance of her appointment is innumerable, especially against the backdrop of an extremely homophobic continent.

Lynne BrownEusebius McKaiser, a broadcaster and political author, remarked that though she isn’t a gay activist, there is still a clear impact:

“Insofar as the social impact of openly gay people in high-profile public leadership positions cannot be discounted in a country like South Africa where levels of homophobia, including violence against black lesbian women, remain rife.”

Of herself, Browne is quoted as saying “I can’t bear working in an environment where things don’t get done. I’m not a flamboyant type of person; I get things done.”

Lynne, you might not have been a super lesbian but your history making appointment is an amazing example for the young lesbian women of color in South Africa and abroad.

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