Chapter 3: Toni

“Father God if you get me out of the situation alive, I swear I will be in the front pew of Mount Moriah next week. You know I would have been there today but I was trying to be a good Christian and help my sister in her time of need. Amen” I prayed to myself on the way to get in the car. Yes I might have a trash mouth but I was raised in the church and I knew who to call on in my time of need. Now the fact that I should have taken my ass home with Sinclair was beside the point. Right?

When I got to the car, the mystery man opened the door of his big body black on black Audi so I could get in. Closing the door behind me, he walked over to the other side of his car, sparking a blunt. We drove in silence for what felt like an eternity. John Coltrane oozed through his speakers. My dad had been a big Coltrane fan when I was a kid, so I would recognize it anywhere. The mix of the music and weed smoke calmed my whole body down. I found myself drumming my fingers and humming along to myself.

I took a chance to look at my hero. How did I miss how sexy he was? Dressed in a black v-neck shirt and dark navy true religion jeans, he kept his jewelry simple with a single diamond stud in his ear and a watch with a few more diamonds on his wrist. It wasn’t too much, but it did glitter under the lights as we drove down the street.  He had dark chocolate skin, with a beautiful full beard that seemed soft to the touch. I let my eyes wander up to his full pink lips as he took another pull of his blunt, I was stuck. I was so caught up I didn’t realize those lips turning up into a smirk as he caught me staring. I looked up into his deep brown eyes, and quickly looked away in embarrassment trying to hide my face. I couldn’t even imagine what it looked like right now.

“You are still beautiful.” he said simply as he continued to drive down the highway. I didn’t even know what to say so I focused on looking out the window. I eventually dozed off.

When I woke up, we were going down a dark path lined with big trees. He was on the phone so I pretended to still be asleep to see who he was talking to.

“Yo I’m pulling up to the shed right now. Doc should be here in about 30 minutes. Nah I’m good. I told Money K we would get up with him tomorrow. But let me holler at you later so this girl can stop faking like she is sleep. Aight bruh. Say Less.”

Oop. I kept my eyes closed. I know he caught me but I damn sure wasn’t going to snitch on myself. Shed? Doctor? I thought he was taking to me to a hospital. The only reason I wasn’t jumping out of this car right now is because K wouldn’t have let me go with him if he wasn’t on his square.

“Lord, I am calling on you…” I began praying to myself again just in case.

The car rolled to a stop at a big gate. He pressed a button in his console to open it and we went down an even darker gravel path. After what seemed like another 10 minutes we pulled up to a small ranch style house. He got out the car and walked around to my side. He opened the door, but I didn’t budge.

“Ma it’s too late to second guess yourself now. We are on 4 acres of land. No uber driver is stepping foot on my property and the nearest store is at least 7 miles away. Doc is pulling up any minute so let’s go.” he said as he put his hand out to me. I got out the car slowly. Suddenly I felt a little dizzy and almost fell. As he held me in his strong arms I got a full whiff of his Gucci cologne and a slight moan slipped from my lips.

“Let’s get you checked out first, we will get to that soon enough” he whispered seductively in my ear. At this point I was about to say forget about the doctor and give me the dick. I will survive.

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